Loot and Alchemy Recipes Available from Vermillion! New Divine Glove!

December 8, 2011 1 comment


With the release of the Dragon Statue Gift CA  has released the new monster Vermilion,, the Tyrant. This monster battle is pretty tough due to Divine Armor, but it does include a new Divine Glove via Alchemy.

Here is the loot available for Vermilion, plus the new alchemy specific to this monster

Epic Chance Drops

Tyrant Scale Protector

Shield, 25/22, This is not a top 10 shield.

Redwyrm Greaves

Boot, 5/3, Technically this is the second best offensive and defensive boots. However since there are only 3 boots available at this time I’m not sure its a big achievement.

Bloodfelt Pendant

Amulet, 27/29, This is not a top 10 amulet.

Kingwyrm Blood

Alchemy, Ingredient to Vermilions Grasp, Dragonform Claw, and Vermilion the Tyrant. Don’t accidentally trade this to Kobo.

Rare Chance Drops

Tyrant Scale Armor

Armor, 15/15

Vermilion Helm

Helmet, 16/8

Bloodsteal Blade

Weapon, 20/14

Alchemy Recipe: Create Vermilions Grasp

This alchemy recipe takes 2 Tyrant Scale Protectors (Epic Drop), 2 Bloodfelt Pendants (Epic Drop), and 18 Kingwyrm Bloods (Epic Drop) to create Vermillions Grasp. You must be level 180 to perform this alchemy.

Vermilions Grasp

Type: Glove
Attack: 24
Defense: 20
Attack Power: 38
Defense Power: 36.8
Divine Power: 0

At the time of this post Vermilions Grasp is the 2nd best attack glove & 2nd best defensive glove. Vermilions Grasp also happens to be an ingredient for the number 1 glove: Dragonform Claw:

Alchemy Recipe: Create Dragonform Claw



This alchemy recipe takes 1 Vermillions Grasp (Alchemy item created from Epic drops), and 50 Kingwyrm Bloods (Epic Drop) to create Dragonform Claw. You must be level 180 to perform this alchemy.

Dragonform Claw

Type: Glove
Attack: 27
Defense: 24
Attack Power: 43.8
Defense Power: 42.9
Divine Power: 100

At the time of this post Vermilions Grasp is the 1st best attack glove & 1st best defensive glove. Plus it is the ONLY divine glove.  But don’t get too excited, it will take a lot of FP or time to get this item!!

Alchemy Recipe: Create Vermilion the Tyrant


This alchemy recipe takes 300 Kingwyrm Bloods (Epic Drop) to create Vermilion the Tyrant. You must be level 180 to perform this alchemy.

It is not yet known what this is. Like others I assume its a super-powerful unit. Personally I would rather it be a mega-epic gerneral, but don’t think that will be the case.


If you are a high enough level the gloves, boots, and other epic loot drops are definitely worth trying for. I wish the rare drops were a little more powerful, but they do give another source of boots. I may go after the alchemy here after farming Aurora.

  • My experience in the game.
  • Info from great Army members.
  • CA Wiki
  • CA Forum
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New Monster: Vermilion, The Tyrant!

December 8, 2011 2 comments

With the release of the new Dragon Statue Gift there is a new monster in town: Vermilion, the Tyrant!

Here is some info I have on this monster battle (from army members, the CA Wiki entry, and the CA Forum thread):

  • Must be level 185 to summon.
  • This monster falls in the Level 300+ range.
  • Vermilion has about 350 million Health (well, at least it’s not 600 Million).
  • Vermilion has Divine Armor. With an apparent 50% block of damage if you have no divine items.  300 DP to completely overcome the Divine Armor…..  damn, I guess it basically is a 600+ million health for all of who don’t have 300 DP
  • 50 attackers of the 150+ category are allowed.
  • This battle utilizes monster classes.
  • There are 10 sieges to launch, which take away about half of his life.

There is also a new achievement for this monster. By killing 5 of these with at least 1 million damage (combined attack and defense) you will get 5 favor points! Once again…. I really think on these super-big monsters they need to raise the minimal damage for achievement!

I have created a post looking at the loot and alchemy available from Vermilion.

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New Gift: Dragon Statue Gift!

December 8, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday the CA Devs released a new gift: Dragon Statue Gift! The previous gift, Dragon Scroll Gift, is still available. It does not appear this gift knocked any off the gift list.

There is only 1 component to this gift. The Dragon Statue. This statue is a “pure alchemy” items, thus it can be used in the Goblin Emporium. Only 2 statues are required to perform alchemy. To combine the ingredients go to “Alchemy” > “Summons” and click “Combine” for “Summon Vermillion”.

Once the components are combined it summon Vermilion, the Tyrant! Be carefull!!! This does not combine into another item that does the summon. It actually summons Vermilion.

One sharp person from the CA Forum noticed that Vermilion has actually be in the game for a long time now:

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Guild Conquest: Attacking other lands partially enabled.

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Today Padaxan posted in the CA forum with a FAQ about attacking lands from other guilds. I won’t repost here. Instead I would head over there and read it. Also Mike Lemay has updated his Guild Conquest Guide on Facebook, that is still the best GC resource out there.

The only note I would add is to reiterate the fact that the GC features are still in beta, and there are a LOT off issues with it.

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Guild Conquest Lands are Vulnerable this upcoming Monday!

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

All you guilds that have cleared (conquered?) lands get ready! Starting next monday these lands will be vulnerable to attack by other guilds. Here is the announcement as made by Padaxan on the CA forum today:

This coming Monday, towards the end of the work day (6pm PST) we will open up conquered lands for attack. Clicking the battle link inside the conquest feature will showcase various lands open for attack, once the feature is live. 

I will post a more comprehensive FAQ on the entire feature once the final push is rolled out.

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Devs once again giving real rewards for PvP tourney winners.

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday I posted about the 4th PvP Tournament coming up. I see in the announcement thread that the developer Padaxan said there will be real rewards for the winners just like last time.  Here is what he posted:

The CA team has decided once again to award the winners of the tournament with artwork goodies.

Same setup as previous tournaments:

1st place receives a large artwork print

2nd receives a medium sized print.

3rd receives a small sized print.

Good luck!

Rock on! Even though I don’t have a chance of winning, its pretty cool seeing the devs back this event.

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Festival Guild Battles return this Friday!

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Earlier today it was posted on the CA forum that Festival Guild Battles will resume this Friday.

Here is the post from Hidra:

Festival Battles will resume this Friday, December 2, 12 pm noon PST time. Note: Most people in the US were on PDT (GMT -7) and are now on PST (GMT -8)

Please have your officers check their festival battle timers, and reset them if necessary. Guilds in the United States will notice a time change due to daylights saving time.

Thanks for your patience!

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