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New tier in War Ranks: Warchief!

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Still catching up on CA news from the last week or so. About a week ago the CA devs released a new tier in the War Ranks: Warchief! The Colonel tier was released back in September. This will be another tier it will be hard to climb up. It takes a lot of stamina to move up the ranks, stamina that could be better spent farming loot from monsters.

Ranks 13 and 14 will give the normal 5 skill points each. Rank 15 has the Orc Chieftain as its reward. Here is the info I have found on the Orc Chieftain:

Orc Chieftain
Att/Def:  26/26
Att/Def Power:  44.2/44.2
Initial Cost: 10,000,000 gold
Incremental Cost: ?
Upkeep: ?

As you can see I haven’t found info for the incremental or upkeep costs. But the Orc Chieftain is now the best purchasable unit to get for your invasion army. Guess I’ll have to eventually replace my Archangels with them. Here is a chart comparing the top gold purchasable units for invasion:

It will likely take me a long time to get up to rank 15, but when I do I plan to make the Orc Chieftain my weakest invasion Unit. In the meantime I will stick with the Archangels, those Platinum Knights simply have too high of a cost.

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New Battle: Lion’s Rebellion

September 28, 2010 4 comments

The “boss” fight for the new Earth II Realm has been released. This fight is actually battle called Lion’s Rebellion. Here is the announcement released with this new battle:

The winds of change are coming. Forces will come to a head. Which side will you choose during the Lion’s Rebellion?

To summon this battle you must get the Orb of Aurelius from the special mission in Earth II. Once you have the Orb simply go to Monsters > Summon Monsters. The Lion’s Rebellion will show up in the Level 121-299 tier. It also counts as a monster type “Boss”.

You can also summon it from the Alchemy page, but honestly I rarely go here to summon monsters:

Basically this battle appears to be an upgraded version of the War of the Red Plains, including the use of tactics. As with all of the new NG monsters/battles you have to choose a class. I have also seen a report that Aurelius shows up as an epic general on the opposing side when using Tactics (this is unconfirmed). I was actually hoping this would be a new Alchemy General to be released with this battle, but that does not appear to be the case.

There are new loot drops available with this battle. Here is the info I have on the loot:

  • Legendary Loot:
    • Heart of the Pride 20/44 – Shield
    • Lion Scar Plate 33/18 – Armor
    • Flame Invoker 55/45 – Unit
    • Crystals: Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald
  • Epic Loot:
    • Lion Fang 24/22 – Weapon
    • Lion Scar Helm 9/14 – Helm
    • Serpentine Ring 20/21 – Amulet
    • Caldonian Band 10/14 – Amulet
    • Orc Champion 50/50 – Unit
  • Rare Loot:
    • Caldonian Blade 13/16 – Weapon
    • Rogue Assassin 34/24 – Unit
    • Mark of the Empire 12/12 – Amulet
    • Zenarian Bow 14/18 – Weapon
    • Aracanist 23/20 – Unit
    • Hellkite Minion 32/27 – Unit
    • Gladiator 35/24

There is actually some pretty good farm-able loot here! Here is a look at the new Legendary loot:

Heart of the Pride
Attack: 20
Defense: 44
Attack Power: 50.8
Defense Power:  58
This will become the third most powerful attack shield/offhand item, behind SoR and Purgatory. This will become the second most powerful defense shield/offhand item, behind the SoR. Very worth getting at least 3 of these (for War).

Lion Scar Plate
Attack: 33
Defense: 18
Attack Power: 45.6
Defense Power:  41.1
This will become the second most powerful attack and defense armor, behind the Plate of Ages. Very worth getting at least 3 of these (for War).

That is about all the info I have on this battle. For more info see the CA Wikia entry for this battle or the CA Forum. I will post more if I find more info worth posting.

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New tier in War Ranks!

September 11, 2010 5 comments

Along with the new FP General Azalia the CA devs have release a new War Rank tier. Considering it takes a lot of stamina to get war points I don’t expect a lot of people to go after these new ranks. It would be nice to get the skill points from Ranks 10 and 11, but for most giving up that much stamina will be too much to ask.

The reward for Rank 12 is the Pendant of Wonder.

I am assuming this is an amulet. So in the invasion army it will be an “Item”. With stats of 9/9 it beats the 7/7 stats of the Commanders Battle Plate (reward from Battle Rank 12). However if you’ve gone this far in War it is possible you have already achieve High King in Battle (Rank 21) which gives the High Kings Crown, stats 11/11.

Having looked at this I think it unlikely I will go for these new War Ranks any time soon (I am within a week of getting High King, would’ve had it already if I didn’t get sidetracked by Gehenna).

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