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Castle Age PvP Tournament Number 4 Rules

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

A couple of days ago Ginger posted the Rules for the CA PvP Tournament 4. If you want to sign up there is still time, you have until January 3, 2012.  See this post to sign up for the tourney!

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Devs once again giving real rewards for PvP tourney winners.

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday I posted about the 4th PvP Tournament coming up. I see in the announcement thread that the developer Padaxan said there will be real rewards for the winners just like last time.  Here is what he posted:

The CA team has decided once again to award the winners of the tournament with artwork goodies.

Same setup as previous tournaments:

1st place receives a large artwork print

2nd receives a medium sized print.

3rd receives a small sized print.

Good luck!

Rock on! Even though I don’t have a chance of winning, its pretty cool seeing the devs back this event.

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Castle Age PvP Tournament Number 4!

November 30, 2011 1 comment

It’s that time again: PvP Tournament!!!  Ginger The Hutt posted the details on this thread at the CA Forum. It looks like the tourney will start in 2012 some time after New Years.

IMPORTANT: You must get your keep link verified before you can sign up for the tournament! If you need more info on getting your keep link verified see the post from Mursilis, I would read Hutt‘s first post to see which moderator would be best to get your keep verified.

For more details simply go over and read Hutt’s first post. This is the perfect time to test your build against other players. It’s also a lot of fun. Be warned though, there are some very heavy PvP builds out there, so don’t be surprised if you think you have a great build and lose quickly. Even though I didn’t make it past the first round last time I will try again!!!

For a list of previous Tourney Winners go to this thread on the forum.

Special hat tip to Ginger the Hutt, Xkaliber, Thresh, and Mursilis for organizing this event.

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A look at the Duel Champion Ranks and Rewards

June 22, 2011 7 comments

With the Duel Champion released there is a brand new list of Ranks and Rewards. These are similar to the Ranks and Rewards that are used in regular PvP battles and Wars.

One MAJOR difference is that you only get 1 of each reward for finishing a Tier. Most of these items fall in the top 10 for their type, with the weapon now being the BIS for Attack Weapon. I personally feel PvP’ers should be happy about this. They can finally get good gear doing what they love, and not have to spend FP farming alchemy components from monsters.

Here is a look at each tier available at this time:

Savage Tier: Ranks 1-3

Ranks 1 and 2 give 5 Skill Points each. Pretty good reward for very little stamina spent. Its worth noting that you start with level 0, which technically isn’t even in a tier. Achieving Rank 3 gives the Magic Item Savage Smash.

Savage Smash

Magic, 16/16

ATT PWR: 27.2
DEF PWR:  27.2

This Magic item falls just short of making the top ten for Attack and Defense. For what little stamina it takes this reward is definitely worth it. Its worth noting however that you only get one of these as a reward, you can’t purchase multiples of them!!! This will show up in Town in Magic (not Blacksmith).

Fighter Tier: Ranks 4-6

Ranks 4 and 5 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 6 gives the glove Fighter Glaive.


Fighter Glaive

Glove, 12/11

ATT PWR: 19.7
DEF PWR:  19.4

This glove makes the top 10 for both Attack and Defense. For attack the Fighter Glaive is the #6 overall glove, just barely weaker than the DTG (think we all know what a pain this one is to get). In defense this glove is #7 overall best glove, just behind the Nightcraft Gauntlets (from the Onslaught Chest).

Defender Tier: Ranks 7-9

Ranks 7 and 8 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 9 gives the amulet Guardian Amulet.

Guardian Amulet

Amulet, 32/28

ATT PWR: 51.6
DEF PWR:  50.4

This amulet makes the top 10 for both Attack and Defense. For attack the Guardian Amulet is the #4 overall amulet, well behind the Moonfall Amulet (but theoretically easier to get). In defense this glove is #5 overall best amulet, just behind the Signet of Azriel (and again theoretically easier to get).

Slayer Tier: Ranks 10-12

Ranks 10 and 11 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 12 gives the helmet Slayer Helm.

Slayer Helm

Helmet, 38/32

ATT PWR: 60.4
DEF PWR:  58.6

This helmet makes the top 10 for both Attack and Defense. For attack the Slayer Helm is the #3 overall helmet, well behind the Vanguard Doomhelm (which cannot be gotten anymore). In defense this helmet is #4 overall best helm,again just behind the Vanguard Doomhelm.

Eradicator Tier: Ranks 13-15


Ranks 13 and 14 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 15 gives the weapon Eradicator Hammer.

Eradicator Hammer

Weapon, 40/30

DEF PWR:  58

This weapon makes the top 10 for both Attack and Defense. For attack the Eradicator Hammer is the #1 overall weapon!!! In defense this weapon is #4 overall best helm, just a touch behind Celestas Devotion (seemingly impossible to get for many).

Master Tier: Ranks 16-18

Ranks 16 and 17 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 18 gives the general Kraxus.


General, 24/21

ATT PWR: 38.7
DEF PWR:  37.8

No info on this general yet, just his level 1 stats. I’m betting he has some PvP type ability such as Transfer all Defense into Attack  or something similar. When enough FP players get to the top ranks we’ll know more.

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Some random tips about the Festival Duel Champion feature

June 22, 2011 1 comment

I posted a few basic things about the Festival Duel Champion earlier. Here are some random facts/tips about dueling in the festival:

  • Your actual stats are used, and not that from the worthless Festival Game. Applicable stats are:
    • Stamina: each attack uses 1 stamina.
    • Health: attacking or being attacked takes health away.
    • Attack: Having a higher attack means you should win more offensive battles.
    • Defense: Having a higher defense means you should win more defensive battles.
  • You can invite up to 100 followers to become more powerful in battle. To do so you send an invite that counts as a gift request. If you can get 100 people to accept the invite you will have the max number of followers. As you get more followers you will be rewarded as follows:
    Follower Count
    1 – +1 Attack
    5 – +1 Defense
    10 – +1 Attack
    15 – +1 Defense
    20 – +2 Attack
    30 – +2 Defense
    40 – +3 Attack
    50 – +3 Attack
    60 – +3 Defense
    70 – +4 Attack
    80 – +3 Defense
    90 – +4 Defense
    100 – +1 Duel Battle Point on Offensive Victory (only works when earning at least 1 point in the battle.)
  • As you can see 100 followers will give extra CP’s (Champion Points). It also appears this bonus is cumulative. So at 100 followers you get +14 Attack, +14 Defense, and +1 Duel Battle Points on offensive victory.
  • Your army members can show up in this list, and you can attack them! Have fun with this!
  • Your defensive battles show up in your normal Battle Log. It does not differentiate between normal battle and festival battles however. It shows “Battle Points” for all battles here, even though Festival Battles give Champion Points.
  • Your normal Battle Points are not affected. Only CP’s go up and down in these battles.
  • You cannot invade! You must rely upon your Attack/Defense and best gear/general.
  • I’ve heard reports that you can ‘hide’ under 20 health. I have not confirmed this, nor do I really care to. If I can’t win a defensive battle then the other person deserved the CP more than I did.

For anyone that joins this in the next few days expect to get attacked A LOT!!! This always happens when a new PvP feature is added. As time goes on and people rank up things will settle down.

Plus, expect to get ‘chained’ a lot. Since I know too many definition of what chained means I’ll just say to expect all kinds. Personally if I’m getting good CP’s I’ll keep attacking again until my opponent is too weak to battle.. and expect the same to happen to me.

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New Festival Battleground: Duel Champion!!!

June 22, 2011 3 comments

The CA Devs have released a new Festival feature: Duel Champion!! To me this is the greatest update they have done in a LONG time: new PvP content!!

To enter into Duel Champion simply go to “Town” > “Festival” > “Battle” > “Duel Champion”. Your first time going in you will have to opt in.

Simply click “Accpet” and you are in. From here you can do a few things:

  • View and invite followers. Having more followers gives you an advantage in duels. More coming on that.
  • View rewards and ranks. More coming on that soon as well. It’s basically like the normal PvP ranks.
  • You can “Enter Duel”. Get to the actual fighting!!!

In the list that comes up simply click “Challenge” next to whomever you want to attack.

The battle itself appears to work just like regular PvP. You will use your equipped general plus your best gear for each slot. You will also get experience and to take your opponents gold if they haven’t banked. The only difference appears to be in the festival you get “Champion Points” instead of “Battle Points”.

If your like me you’ll hit “Duel Again” until you stop getting the good CP’s from your opponent (yep, that’s right, chaining is OK by me in PvP).

More coming on this as I explore and research it.

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CA devs are giving real prizes for Forum PvP tourney!!

Thanos over on the CA forum has recently organized the 3rd CA Forum PvP Tournament. The tourney is already underway so it is too late to sign up for any PvP’ers out there. Before I go on with this post I wanna raise my sword in respect for Thanos and Mursilis for the work they have put into this event.

Thanos earlier posted this:

The CA devs have been following our PvP tournaments and thought it would be fun to give out prizes to the top three finalists of each tournament bracket!

The prizes will be prints from their art work collection (which many of us really like).

The prize breakdown is as follows (for EACH bracket!):

First place winner – Large size print of their choosing
Second place winner – Medium size print of their choosing
Third place winner – Small size print of their choosing

To view the choice of prints, check out

I want to thank the devs (Kori) for coming to me (without any solicitation!) and donating these prizes for our top contestants.

I personally feel it’s a great gesture.

P.S. Obviously, as these are real physical prints, they will need to be snail mailed out to the winners. This means the winners will need to provide them with their actual mailing address (how else can they send it to you). They understand that some may not want to provide this information (i.e. they won’t take offense if you said “Thanks but no thanks, I’d rather keep my privacy” and of course, that would mean you won’t be receiving your prize).

Later in the thread CA dev Kori confirmed this to be true.

I think this does a lot to show the CA devs are paying attention to whats going on! Plus it acknowledges the PvP aspect of the game (this originated as a PvP game, not a monster hunter game).

As an end-note I am out of the tourney in the first round. As a more hybrid build I knew I didn’t have a chance to win…. but… I thought I had a strong enough build to make it through the first round (actually I consider myself a hybrid with PvP tendencies). Ah well, it is still a fun event!

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