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Guild Conquest: Attacking other lands partially enabled.

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Today Padaxan posted in the CA forum with a FAQ about attacking lands from other guilds. I won’t repost here. Instead I would head over there and read it. Also Mike Lemay has updated his Guild Conquest Guide on Facebook, that is still the best GC resource out there.

The only note I would add is to reiterate the fact that the GC features are still in beta, and there are a LOT off issues with it.

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Guild Conquest Lands are Vulnerable this upcoming Monday!

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

All you guilds that have cleared (conquered?) lands get ready! Starting next monday these lands will be vulnerable to attack by other guilds. Here is the announcement as made by Padaxan on the CA forum today:

This coming Monday, towards the end of the work day (6pm PST) we will open up conquered lands for attack. Clicking the battle link inside the conquest feature will showcase various lands open for attack, once the feature is live. 

I will post a more comprehensive FAQ on the entire feature once the final push is rolled out.

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Festival Guild Battles return this Friday!

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Earlier today it was posted on the CA forum that Festival Guild Battles will resume this Friday.

Here is the post from Hidra:

Festival Battles will resume this Friday, December 2, 12 pm noon PST time. Note: Most people in the US were on PDT (GMT -7) and are now on PST (GMT -8)

Please have your officers check their festival battle timers, and reset them if necessary. Guilds in the United States will notice a time change due to daylights saving time.

Thanks for your patience!

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Some words from the Developer Tass on Guild Conquest Monsters

November 29, 2011 3 comments

(this post is basically just a repost of what Tass has posted on the CA Forum, the best place for Guild Conquest info is still the guide on Facebook created by Mike Lemay)

The CA developer Tass posted the following post on the CA forum thread about Guild Conquest:

Hello Everyone,

We have been working to resolve the latest issue with the Conquest Monsters. Some monsters were being incorrectly flagged as failures when they were successful. This flagging issue should be resolved at this time.

This situation is very serious to us and we are looking for ways to rectify this situation including finding methods of compensating the people involved in these monsters.

For the guilds that were able to clear the monsters within a land and experienced a reset due to their loss of successful monsters, we are looking for ways to award those guilds with the proper amounts of lands that they’ve earned.

He then went on to post:

We added extra time to monsters created before a certain timestamp.

A user on the forum later on asked if it was safe to attack monsters now, or are GC monsters still messed up. Tass responds:

The monsters are safe to attack. The game issue itself that was causing the problems is resolved.

Later on Tass posts some more good info:

We just finished pushing an update where a guild’s conquest progress should be returned.

For example, if a guild defeated 3 monsters and knocked down the monsters left to 1/4, that guild should only have to take down one more monster. This “recovered” monster progress is currently reflected in the land’s monster list and will update the main conquest page as well once the land monster list is visited.

If a monster is marked with a “collect” or “cleared” button, the land has already accounted for your guild having cleared that monster slot at one point in time. To clear the rest of a land, your guild is tasked with defeating monsters that have neither the “collect” or “cleared” button. Monsters with a “cleared” button may still be alive but are labelled as cleared because of previous efforts defeating a monster in its slot.

Once again the CA devs are stepping up and communicating better. Hopefully they are also getting all the bugs out!

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Couple more Guild Conquest monster tips from Padaxan

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

In the Guild Conquest thread on the CA forum the UI Developer Padaxan has posted a few more details about monsters.

Post 392 – In response to Jack Vellum asking how monsters regenerate.

Monsters will replace themselves on an individual basis. One timer runs out, the next time someone from the guild views the land it will initiate another monster for that slot.

You will not have to defeat all 4-5 whatever monsters at the same time.

Post 393 – In response to DarkenRahl asking if there is a way to know what monsters are actively being fought.

If you notice the empty bars on the capsules themselves, there’s still content missing that needs to be implemented. Ultimately, there will be visual ques telling guilds what capsules are actively being engaged.

Post 398 – In response to DoR asking about monster variety.

No official statement but I believe as the feature grows there will be varying lands with different resource stats, pros/cons ect., not all lands are created equal. There may be “themed” lands and such also, tied to groupings of monsters.

Post 400 – In response to pull lead asking about conquest only monsters.

Quite possibly, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be easy to apply to the feature.

This is actually quite a bit of information for a dev to give out at one time.

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New Guild Conquest Guide

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Found a link to this posted on the CA Forum (I may stop linking to there, it’s almost mean to send people there right now).

New Guild Conquest Guide – by Mike Lemay

The above link will take you to the guide on his Facebook page. It appears to be a must-read for Guild Masters and Officers. Mike did an excellent job!

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CA devs fixed bug that prevented viewing GB page by officers

November 22, 2011 1 comment

Today this was listed in the changelog for Castle Age (have I said how much I REALLY think its great the devs are doing changelogs!!!!):

Daily Changelog – 11/22/2011

Castle Age
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that prevented guild members that are not guild master/officer from viewing the Guild Battle page properly.

Note: Please allow up to one business day for these changes to occur. Also, if you are still experiencing some of the problems that we fixed, please clear your browser cache and try again. If the problem still persists, please send Support a ticket via Facebook through the respective game.

Not much to add. Just passing this on.

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