CA Abbreviations

Updated May 25, 2011

Here is a current list of Castle Age abbreviations. This was taken from the CA Forum. I’ve made a few modifications and additions. I’ll update as needed.

AA = Already Assisted

AA = Archangel

AB = Alpha Bahamut

AFF = Atlantean Force Field

A0A = Army of Apocoalypse

AoC = Amulet of Cefka

AG = Arena Guard

AP = Arena Points

AS = Angelic Sentinel

ATK = Attack

AT = Arena Tokens

ATK = Attack

ATT = Attack

AttP = Attack Power =  Attack + (Defense * .7)

AV = Alpha Vincent

AVD = Alpha Bahamut the Volcanic Dragon

AZ = Azriel

BAP = Battle Activity Points

BDL = Battle of the Dark Legion

BH = Battle Heart

BIS = Best in Slot

BOD = Blue Orb of Death (I know you’ve seen the spinning blue ball).

BotDL = Battle of the Dark Legion

BP = Battle Points

BRF = Blue Ring of Frustration

BSI = Battle Strength Index = (Attack+Defence) / Level

CA = Castle Age

CAFR = Castle Age Favor Returned

CC players = Credit Card players

CD = Celesta’s Devotion

CTA = Call To Arms

DEF = Defense

DefP = Defense Power = Defense + (Attack * .7)

DL = Dark Legion

DMG = damage

DOA = Dead on Arrival

DP = Demi Point or Divine Power

DP = Demon Plate

DS = Demon Strength

DT = Dragon Talon

DTC = Defend The Castle aka Orcs

DTG = Death Touch Gauntlet

DRS = Death Rune Siege

EDP = Effective Divine Power

EG = Elite Guard

ENG = Energy

EP = Energy Potion

ES = Empowering Storm

EW = Enduring Winter

FF = Festival Feats

NRG = Energy

FB = Frost Bolt

FGB = Festival Guild Battle

FoN = Force of Nature

FP = Favor Point

FR = Favor Returned

FR = Friend Request

GB = Guild Battle

GC = Guild Coins

GM = Guild Monster

GMM = Gold Medal Monster

GoF = Gauntlet of Fire

GS = Genesis Sword

GvG = Guild vs Guild

HDP = Helm of Dragon Power

HoDP = Helm of Dragon Power

HP = Health Points

HoB = Hands of Bounty

LSI = Levelling Speed Index = (Energy + Stamina*2 ) / Level

LVL = Level

MFA = Moon Fall Amulet

MH = Monster Hunter

NFR = No Favor Return needed. Also NRFN

NRG = Energy

NS = Nature’s Sunder

PA = Power Attack

PoA = Plate of Ages

PoW = Plate of the Wild

PRTF = Please Return The Favor

PvE = Player vs Environment

PvM = Player vs Monster

PvP = Player vs Player

PvPvGvG = Player vs Player while having Guild vs Guild battle

PvPvM = Player vs Player vs Monster

PWNT = Owned, in gaming sense it usually means someone severely beat another person and thus “owned” them. Can also be pwned or pwnd.

RP = Red Plains

RTF = Return The Favor

SC = Soul Crusher (best in-game glove)

SoD = Swarm of Darkness

SoF = Sword of Faithless (Dropped during random Encounter with Tormented Soul in quest & subquest of The Long Path & Burning Gates in Underworld realm.)

SoR = Sword of Redemption

SP = Skill Point

STA = Stamina

VL = Vengeance List (Arena)

VoF = Virtue of Fortitude

VoJ = Virtue of Justice

VoT = Virtue of Temperance

WC = War Council

WoF = Wall of Fire

WoRP = War of the Red Plains

WSD = White Screen of Death

ZMC = Zarevok’s Meat Cleaver (this had its name changed to Meat Cleaver).

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