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Arena Season IV will start Thursday, July 28th!

Earlier CA announced on their forum news, FB page, and in the game news that Arena Season IV will start Thursday, July 28th! Here is what Vulcan had to say in the CA news:

July 26, 2011 by Vulcan

Arena Sign-up start today! Arena will begin this Thursday, July 28th!

Please note there are some changes to the Arena format! Limit to one recharge per battle. Arena Potions that drop from monsters for free recharges. Limit of 5 battles per calendar day. Read the Arena help for more details.

I’m not as excited about this as previous arenas… but. I still hope this will rock!!  I think limiting the refills and battles per day will reduce the complaint that FP’s buy top spots. Just like Arena Season III this is a guild type setup. Personally I wish they would go back to the original Arena setup, but I will still have fun with this.

The two generals shown in the Arena front page are Angelus and Carmilla from CA: HOD. Guess those will be available here eventually as well.

Don’t really have much to say about Arena Season IV yet so here is a posting of the rules:


Arena Season IV will be done in a Guild Battle format. However,unlike guild battles, you will be placed on a randomized team depending on your rank. Two teams will battle against each other in a 1 hour battle. You will be placed randomly in one of the four towers created. Each team will consist of a maximum of forty (40) members,with ten (10) members in each of the four gates. If there are less than 40 members on a team, the team shall be distributed evenly amongst each gate (e.g. 36 team members will result in 9 members in each gate). Each team shall be comprised of individuals within the same Arena Ranks as you. You will also be matched against an opposing team of similar strength. 

Your Class for an Arena Battle is determined by the one selected within theCharacter Class page at the beginning of the Arena Battle. You CANNOTchange your Class for the current battle once it has started. However, you can change your Class and have it take effect on the next Arena Battle. Also remember to set your Class Ability from the Character Class page. 


– Each action in the Arena Battle will require the use of Arena Tokens 
– You will be provided a full charge of Arena Tokens at the beginning of each Arena Battle 
– You will recharge an Arena Token every 5 minutes 
– There is a maximum of one (1) Arena Token recharge per battle, whether it is purchased with favor points or an Arena Potion is used 
– Arena Potions can be attained via rewards from monsters 
– An Arena Battle will start every two hours on the hour and you will be placed onto a team with other participants based on your Arena Rank 
– You can participate in a maximum of five (5) Arena Battles per calendar day. The limit will be reset at 12 AM midnight PDT (7 AM GMT) 
– Win battles within an Arena Battle to earn Arena Points 
– The battle portion of an Arena Battle lasts 1 hour or until all players on one side are below 200 health 
– If either team is unable to eliminate all other players on the opposing team, the winning team is the one with the higher percentage of members still above 200 health 
– The Arena Battle must be over in order for you to collect your reward whether that means all members of the opposing team have been eliminated or the time limit has expired 
– You will have up until five (5) minutes prior to the start of the next battle to collect your reward 
– You must collect your reward during the collection period to be awarded your Arena Points 
– If you do NOT collect your reward within the collection period, your Arena Points for that particular battle will be forfeited 
– Members of the winning team collect a 25% bonus to their Arena Point total for that battle (e.g. win 1000 Arena Points within an Arena Battle; reward is 1250 Arena Points) 
– Members of the losing team receive a 25% detriment to their Arena Point total for that battle (e.g. win 1000 Arena Points within an Arena Battle; reward is 750 Arena Points) 
– If the winning team defeats the opposing team within 30 minutes of the start of the Arena Battle, the winning team will receive an additional 10% bonus to their collection of Arena Points (e.g. win 1000 Arena Points within an Arena Battle; reward is 1350 Arena Points) 
– Your rank is based on the number of Arena Points relative to all other Arena participants 
– At the end of each day, you will be awarded a rank relative to all Arena participants 
– Your current rank at the end of the Arena season will determine your final rank and your rewards 
– You will receive rewards for your rank as well as all ranks below it 
– Minimum level to opt into the Arena is level 50 
– Add Reinforcements for additional bonuses in Arena. Each Reinforcement bonus will last for 5 days. 


– Bonus 1: +5 Total Bonus Damage! 
– Bonus 2: +10 Total Bonus Damage! 
– Bonus 3: +20 Total Bonus Damage! 
– Bonus 4: +50 Total Bonus Damage!

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New Gift: Mystery Faerie Gift! I know.. old news..

About a week ago the CA Devs released a new gift: Mystery Faerie Gift! The previous gift, Mystery Beast Gift, is still available. It does not appear this gift knocked any off the gift list.

There are 3 components to this gift. The components are called: Vine Root, Opulent Pearl, and Glowing Peridot. All three components are “pure alchemy” items, thus they can all be used in the Goblin Emporium. For this you need 3 Vine Roots, 1 Opulent Perls, and 2 Glowing Peridots to perform alchemy. To combine the ingredients go to “Alchemy” > “Summons” and click “Combine”.


Once the components are combined it creates the Faerie Band!


The Faerie Band will show up in your inventory in the town under Blacksmith. It has Attack of 6 and a Defense of 7. It has an attack power of 10.9 and defense power of 11.3. It is an item type of Amulet.

For a bonus this Amulet has the following special ability: +5 Energy to Aeris.

This the third item that can be equipped to Aeris. The other two items that equip to Aeris is the Elven Crown (Mystery Green Gift, discontinued) and the Aeris Dagger (Mystery Dagger Gift, still available).

This gives a fully leveled/equipped Aeris an attack of 10, defense of 9, bonus of +5 max energy, plus completely removing the bankers fee . For me the +5 energy does nothing. But for a new player this is a great way to get an extra 5 energy on level up if she is equipped first.

I have created one for equipping to Aeris. The rest will go to the goblin, as this item does nothing for my invasion army.

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FP General: Caine!

While I was busy in Mundania CA released a new FP general: Caine, the battle tested! This appears to have been released July 14. The previous FP general released was the Mystical Mage on the Run: Alexandria! It is worth noting that Caine is NOT a guild general!!!! Not sure of the level requirement to see him in the CA interface. But you can always use the direct link if you really want him and he doesn’t show up for you. Here is the lore on Caine:

Caine, an experienced veteran, has turned his back on his countrymen and has offered his skill in battle to those that are willing to pay for his services.

Caine can be purchased for 30 FP’s. There are three items for him that can be purchased for 25 FP each. Here is the info I have on him so far:


Abilities: While equipped, Increase monster damage by X% in exchange for gold.

Level 1: 19/19,   +1% damage for 400k gold per stamina
Level 2: 20/20,   +1.5% damage for 400k gold per stamina
Level 3: 21/21,   +2% damage for 400k gold per stamina
Level 4: 22/22,   +3% damage for 400k gold per stamina
Level 4 + 3 items: 23/24,  +3% damage for 400k gold per stamina

L4 ATT PWR: 37.3
L4 DEF PWR: 37.4

L4 SET ATT PWR: 39.8
L4 SET DEF PWR: 40.1

The Terrible, weapon, 20/19, +1 Attack to Caine (not stackable)

Lore: The Terrible was recovered by Caine as a spoils of war when he and his army defeated the barbarian king, Tyranos the Terrible. The blade, a frightening weapon, puts the fear in all but the most courageous warriors.

Diamondsould Plate, armor, 18/18, +1 Defense to Caine (not stackable)

Lore: The Diamondsoul Plate that Caine wears is a mark of extreme opulence often reserved for the rulers of nations. However with Caines large coffers, he was able to have one made to protect him in battle.

Remnant Shield, shield, 15/18, +1 Defense to Caine (not stackable)

Lore: The Remnant Shield is a tarnished piece that does not seem to have the reputations associated with his other equipment. However, Caine continues to use the shield. Perhaps it is an important piece of Caines past?

Power wise this general has about the same power level as the previous general Alexandria. The equipment is slightly more powerful than hers. This keeps up the trend of having slightly more powerful generals each month.

What is interesting about Caine is his ability. By spending gold you can get extra damage on monsters. Of course the more stamina you spend the more gold you spend for that extra damage. For instance if you do a 50 stamina attack with a level 4 Caine equipped it will cost 20,000,000 gold to get an extra 3% of damage. I agree with some of the conclusions of some on the CA thread for Caine:

  • This general is great if you have VERY HIGH attack. The extra 3% could add up to a great amount of damage on some monsters.
  • For everyone else the critical hit generals such as Maalvus and Dolomar
  • The gold this general takes for the ability is actually pretty low.

It’s also worth noting that this ability uses unbanked gold. Also, if you don’t have enough gold to fulfill the requirement the ability will not work. When in a monster battle using this ability you will NOT earn any gold while doing attacks. Finally this ability does not appear to work against guild monsters.

This general adds nothing to my war council, but if you don’t have a lot of chest generals he may be worth putting in yours. I bought this general. I don’t really plan to ever use him, was just so happy to see a non-guild general that I had to have him.

Info for this post came from playing around in CA, army members, this CA Forum thread. and the CA Wikia entry for Caine.

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Back from mini-hiatus tomorrow. more posts coming

I’ll be  back from my mini-hiatus tommorow. Nope, didn’t stop playing, just had a VERY busy month!!! Posts forthcoming tomorrow on updates and the new arena.

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