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Loot and Alchemy Recipes Available from Typhonus! New Best in Game Armor!

June 30, 2011 4 comments


With the release of the Mystery Beast Gift CA  has released the new monster Typhonus, the Chimera. This monster battle is pretty tough due to Divine Armor, but it does include a new Best in Game armor via Alchemy.

Here is the loot available for Typhonus, plus the new alchemy specific to this monster:

Epic Chance Drops

Bestial Plate

Armor, 28/25, At the time of this post Bestial Plate is the #5 best Attack Armor and #6 best Defense Armor in the game! One plate is also needed to create Trisoul Plate (info below) via alchemy. Trying to go after Trisoul it may be possible to get 3 plates for your War Council.

Blood Amulet of Typhonus

Amulet, 36/40, At the time of this post the Blood Amulet of Typhonus is the #4 best Attack and Defense amulet in the game! This is the most powerful amulet that can be farmed directly (no alchemy required).

Essence of the Snake

Alchemy, Ingredient to the Trisoul Plate. Don’t accidentally trade this to Kobo!

Essence of the Goat

Alchemy, Ingredient to the Trisoul Plate. Don’t accidentally trade this to Kobo!

Essence of the Lion

Alchemy, Ingredient to the Trisoul Plate. Don’t accidentally trade this to Kobo!

Rare Chance Drops

Helm of the Watch

Helmet, 20/26,

Chimeric Aegis

Shield, 20/22

Snakes Grasp

Glove, 11/10


Weapon, 28/26

Alchemy Recipe: Create Trisoul Plate

This alchemy recipe takes 7 Essenses of the Snake (Epic Drop), 7 Essenses of the Goat (Epic Drop), 7 Essenses of the Lion (Epic Drop), and 1 Bestial Plate (Epic Drop) to create the Trisoul Plate. You must be level 180 to perform this alchemy.

Trisoul Plate

Type: Armor
Attack: 40
Defense: 35
Attack Power: 64.5
Defense Power: 63
Divine Power: 160

At the time of this post the Trisoul Plate is the 1st best Attack helmet & 1st best Defense armor.  More important, this armor has a divine power rating of 160. That will help a lot fighting divine monsters.

If you are a high enough level the Trisoul Plate and other epic loot drops are definitely worth trying for. I wish the rare drops were a little more powerful, but they are definitely an increase over previous monsters rare drops.

Due to my lack of Divine Power items I won’t be farming these too much. I have one Typhons summoned now (part of an experiment I hope to post about later). But other than that I’ll focus on easier to get monsters and loot.

Info for this post came from the following sources:

  • My experience in the game.
  • Info from great Army members.
  • CA Wiki
  • CA Forum
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New Monster: Typhonus, The Chimera!

June 30, 2011 2 comments

With the release of the new Mystery Beast Gift there is a new monster in town: Typhonus, The Chimera!

Here is some info I have on this monster battle (from my own monster, army members, the CA Wiki entry, and the CA Forum thread):

  • Must be level 185 to summon.
  • This monster falls in the Level 300+ range.
  • Typhonus has about 650 million Health.
  • Typhonus has Divine Armor. With an apparent 45% block of damage if you have no divine items.  250 DP to completely overcome the Divine Armor.
  • There is NO Dark Rage Meter. I really think a big bad Divine monster like this should have this!!!!
  • This battle utilizes monster classes.
  • There are 10 sieges to launch, which take away about half of his life. (the current battle I have summoned is the first time I get to use my shiny new Stone Guardian).

There is also a new achievement for this monster. By killing 5 of these with at least 1 million damage (combined attack and defense) you will get 5 favor points! Once again…. I really think on these super-big monsters they need to raise the minimal damage for achievement!

This post has info about the loot available from Typhonus.

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New Gift: Mystery Beast Gift!

June 29, 2011 4 comments

This evening the CA Devs released a new gift: Mystery Beast Gift! The previous gift, Mystery Shield Gift, is still available. It does not appear this gift knocked any off the gift list.

There are 3 components to this gift. The components are called: Chimera Claw, Chimera Horns, and Chimera Skull. All three components are “pure alchemy” items, thus they can all be used in the Goblin Emporium. Only 1 of each component is required to perform alchemy. To combine the ingredients go to “Alchemy” > “Summons” and click “Combine”.

Once the components are combined it summon Typhonus, the Chimera! Be carefull!!! This does not combine into another item that does the summon. It actually summons Typhonus.

I summoned one just to confirm it is a direct summon. I then put it in the public to see what will happen. This post has info about Typhonus. This post has info about the loot drops from Typhonus.

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An apostrophe in your name can cause gifting issues

June 29, 2011 1 comment

This has been a known issue for a while, but thought I would post it here. If you have an apostrophe’ in your name the gifting pop-up will not appear after you click “send gifts” or “invite followers” or “invite army”. Below is a procedure that can be used in Chrome to get around this issue.

Before doing this procedure I would ensure you simply don’t have pop-ups blocked in your browser!!! This also includes any toolbars you have installed in your browser. It may not be the browser blocking pop-ups, but a toolbar!

The following workaround comes from this post in this thread of the CA forum (hat tip to oakley for putting it together!!)

This is at best a hack / temp solution for those unable to send out “follower invites” for those that have an apostrophe in their name.

a.) Navigate to the duel battle page / screen
b.) Right click on the “Invite Followers” button
c.) Select “Inspect Element”
d.) Locate the “onclick” event.
e.) Double click on the “onclick” event (or the function being called)
f.) Locate the apostrophe (in my case it was in my name … Joe O’Soap is …)
g.) Insert a “\” before the apostrophe (i.e Joe O\’Soap)
h.) Press / hit the enter key
i.) Re-click on the “Invite Followers” button

It should display a “popup” window now

This would have to be repeated every time you wish to send out a request, until CA caters for legal “special characters”.

If you’re doing send gifts or invite army just use that in place of the “invite followers” in the procedure above”.

I can find it, but I thought I read on a forum thread that someone tried to change their name to take out the apostrophe and that didn’t fix the problem.

(As a side note… thanks to this post I had to search for my Apostrophe CD from Frank Zappa.. Great Album!!!)

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New FP General: Alexandria!

June 24, 2011 3 comments

It’s time again for a new FP general. Even though this is another guild focused general I think this one is pretty cool (or at least the special ability). This time its the Mystical Mage on the Run: Alexandria! The previous FP general released was the Child of Prophecy Anya! Not sure of the level requirement to see her in the CA interface. But you can always use the direct link if you really want her. Here is the lore on Alexandria:

Alexandria is a mysterious wielder of powerful forgotten magic who has been on the run from the dark necromancer, Zurran. It is clear that she knows a powerful secret that Zurran lusts for.

Alexandria can be purchased for 30 FP’s. There are three items for her that can be purchased for 25 FP each. Here is the info I have on her so far:


Abilities: +X damage with Mage passive ability

Special Ability!!!!  If you own Zurran, an Epic general from the Annihilator Chest, Alexandria is equip-able as an item to that general!!! Alexandria will give Zurran an additional +2 damage to the Mage passive ability. What a cool concept having generals equip to each other!! The closes I can think of that they have done to this is  Isolde and Tristram from the Onslaught Chest (I have Isolde, but never drew Tristram).

Level 1: 18/20,   +1 damage with Mage passive ability
Level 2: 19/21,   +2 damage with Mage passive ability
Level 3: 20/22,   +3 damage with Mage passive ability
Level 4: 21/23,   +4 damage with Mage passive ability
Level 4 + 3 items: 22/25,  +4 Max Stamina, +4 damage with Mage passive ability

L4 ATT PWR: 37.1
L4 DEF PWR: 37.7

L4 SET ATT PWR: 39.5
L4 SET DEF PWR: 40.4

Staff of Veils, weapon, 19/20, +2 Defense to Alexandria (not stackable)

Lore: The Staff of Veils is the only reason Zurran has not yet caught Alexandria. The staff prevents detection of its wielder from any distance greater than forty paces.

Flamewave Tomb, shield, 16/16, +1 Attack to Alexandria (not stackable)

Lore: An ancient mystical spellbook that seems to have existed since the beginning of time, the Flamewave Tome never leaves Alexandrias side.

Souls Embrace, spell, 14/17, +4 Stamina to Alexandria (not stackable)

Lore: It is quite possible that this powerful forgotten spell is what Zurran is after. The secrets to Souls Embrace would possibly allow Zurran to pass back into the plane of the living!

Her ability will help the mage class cause extra damage to opposing towers. A mage will have a +14 damage done to an opposing tower upon winning a battle (offensive or defensive). However, if you have Zuran at level 4 and own Alexandria you will do +20 damage to everyone in the opposing tower.

Power wise this general is has just slightly more defense than Anya. This keeps up the trend of having slightly more powerful generals each month.

This general adds nothing to my war council. I won’t buy her for now, but if I ever get Zurran I will definitely go back and buy this general!

Info for this post came from playing around in CA, army members, this CA Forum thread. and the CA Wikia entry for Alexandria.

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A look at the Duel Champion Ranks and Rewards

June 22, 2011 7 comments

With the Duel Champion released there is a brand new list of Ranks and Rewards. These are similar to the Ranks and Rewards that are used in regular PvP battles and Wars.

One MAJOR difference is that you only get 1 of each reward for finishing a Tier. Most of these items fall in the top 10 for their type, with the weapon now being the BIS for Attack Weapon. I personally feel PvP’ers should be happy about this. They can finally get good gear doing what they love, and not have to spend FP farming alchemy components from monsters.

Here is a look at each tier available at this time:

Savage Tier: Ranks 1-3

Ranks 1 and 2 give 5 Skill Points each. Pretty good reward for very little stamina spent. Its worth noting that you start with level 0, which technically isn’t even in a tier. Achieving Rank 3 gives the Magic Item Savage Smash.

Savage Smash

Magic, 16/16

ATT PWR: 27.2
DEF PWR:  27.2

This Magic item falls just short of making the top ten for Attack and Defense. For what little stamina it takes this reward is definitely worth it. Its worth noting however that you only get one of these as a reward, you can’t purchase multiples of them!!! This will show up in Town in Magic (not Blacksmith).

Fighter Tier: Ranks 4-6

Ranks 4 and 5 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 6 gives the glove Fighter Glaive.


Fighter Glaive

Glove, 12/11

ATT PWR: 19.7
DEF PWR:  19.4

This glove makes the top 10 for both Attack and Defense. For attack the Fighter Glaive is the #6 overall glove, just barely weaker than the DTG (think we all know what a pain this one is to get). In defense this glove is #7 overall best glove, just behind the Nightcraft Gauntlets (from the Onslaught Chest).

Defender Tier: Ranks 7-9

Ranks 7 and 8 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 9 gives the amulet Guardian Amulet.

Guardian Amulet

Amulet, 32/28

ATT PWR: 51.6
DEF PWR:  50.4

This amulet makes the top 10 for both Attack and Defense. For attack the Guardian Amulet is the #4 overall amulet, well behind the Moonfall Amulet (but theoretically easier to get). In defense this glove is #5 overall best amulet, just behind the Signet of Azriel (and again theoretically easier to get).

Slayer Tier: Ranks 10-12

Ranks 10 and 11 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 12 gives the helmet Slayer Helm.

Slayer Helm

Helmet, 38/32

ATT PWR: 60.4
DEF PWR:  58.6

This helmet makes the top 10 for both Attack and Defense. For attack the Slayer Helm is the #3 overall helmet, well behind the Vanguard Doomhelm (which cannot be gotten anymore). In defense this helmet is #4 overall best helm,again just behind the Vanguard Doomhelm.

Eradicator Tier: Ranks 13-15


Ranks 13 and 14 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 15 gives the weapon Eradicator Hammer.

Eradicator Hammer

Weapon, 40/30

DEF PWR:  58

This weapon makes the top 10 for both Attack and Defense. For attack the Eradicator Hammer is the #1 overall weapon!!! In defense this weapon is #4 overall best helm, just a touch behind Celestas Devotion (seemingly impossible to get for many).

Master Tier: Ranks 16-18

Ranks 16 and 17 give 5 Skill Points each.

Achieving Rank 18 gives the general Kraxus.


General, 24/21

ATT PWR: 38.7
DEF PWR:  37.8

No info on this general yet, just his level 1 stats. I’m betting he has some PvP type ability such as Transfer all Defense into Attack  or something similar. When enough FP players get to the top ranks we’ll know more.

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New Monster Feature: Focus CTA

The devs have been busy. To go along with the Festival Duel Champion they have released a new feature for Monsters: Focus Call!  The button for a Focus Call shows up right by the normal Call To Arms button. So far I can confirm it exists in Gehenna and Jahanna battles, but assume its anywhere you can CTA from.

When you click “Focus Call” it will bring up the list you see when sending gifts. Simply choose people as you normally would and click “Send Requests”. I would be careful though, this most likely counts against your gift sending quota.

On the receiving end the other person will see this request as they do any other gift.

Simply accept the gift as you normally would. Just accepting the gift does NOT put you into a battle!! You will instead be brought into CA and given an option to JOIN the battle.

Here again, clicking JOIN will not actually force you into this battle. Instead it will bring you to the battle as if you clicked on a CTA.

You will then be able to join or not join the battle as you wish.

Personally I like this new feature. It’s a good way to bring people into a battle without spamming your wall. It also theoretically should allow private battles to be kept private without having to deal with Monster Codes (this has apparently been confusing people).




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