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IE issues in CA should be cleared up after todays unannounced planned maintenance

Earlier CA started having issues. I posted the developers communication from the forum in my previous post. On the CA wall the devs have just posted this:

Hey people, we are upgrading some of the infrastructure in Castle Age. Please expect some intermittent problems. We hope to finish the upgrades within a few hours. Thank you for your patience!

As a follow-up the devs also released this as a comment to the above post:

Castle Age Oops, I forgot to mention IE users should no longer have problems after this upgrade!

This is in response to garbled graphics in IE that had been reported earlier this month. Personally I still recommend everyone switch browsers away from IE, but if you are stuck using IE this is good news.

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Castle Age is having issues – Its a planned (unannounced) event

May 31, 2011 2 comments

As many have noticed in my Army and on the CA Forum Castle Age is current experiencing issues.  Issues range from Army not showing up in gifting to FUBAR’ed monsters and guilds. Here is a post on the forum from Tass (CA developer):

Hello everyone,

We’re in the midst of converting Castle Age to a Facebook Iframe app right now, a necessity to conform to specific Facebook policies being instituted in the near future.

There may be some bumps during this process, but we will try to address them quickly.


I think its great a dev let us know right away what caused all the issue in the game. But, on the other hand I wish this had been scheduled and announced.

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Use different generals to optimize gameplay

May 28, 2011 4 comments

I just had a good conversation with an army member discussing the generals we use throughout gameplay. During the conversation we had another army member amazed because they thought the generals were only for quests and guild battles (there’s what about a million guild generals now???).

Chances are the common things you are doing in CA can be optimized by generals. In this game we have a finite amount of resources, so using generals wisely will help you do more with less.  Here is an example of how I switch generals in Castle Age (I use others, but these are my most often used):

ScarlettExtra Income: Scarlett increases hourly income by 6%.   For me this in an extra $17,103,600 per hour ($410,486,400 per day). If you don’t have the 30 FP for Scarlett you can still get 5% income increase using the free general Mercedes.

SanoSP/Gold Farming: When doing sub-quests Sano is essential!! Using Sano can save a click when farming SP’s from sub-quests. This is the one general I wish they would make an improved FP version of, or even an improved chest general version.

GodricLevel bonus: When about to level I will equip Godric to get the extra 20 energy. Sometimes I use Minerva (with gear) at level up for an extra 8 stamina. For those without FP generals Sephora seems to be a good leveling general with +4 energy and +4 stamina.

MaalvusMonster Hunting:  Triple power attacks are a great use of energy. Using this general I can save more of my energy for quests. Previously I used Barbarus, but I like the increased critical chances from Maalvus.

Serra SilverlightFortifying/Healing: From what I understand fortifying/healing uses your defense stat only. With Serra I can move 25 attack to 25 defense and maximize my energy.

ZinExtra Stamina: Everyday I try to spend about 50 stamina doing PvP. By doing one attack with Zin I get an extra 15 stamina per day to attack with!

HyacinthEnergy Refills: Hyacinth transfers 20% of stamina skill points to energy. This makes sure I get the most out of my energy refills (used mostly for SP farming).

SolaraStamina Refills: Solara transfers 20% of energy skill points into stamina. This is a MUST when going for legendary on large monsters.

AdrianaWAR!: Weakening the opposing war council is a must when trying to rank in War! I don’t use her in WoRP anymore since my war council is better than anything I’ve seen there.

ChaseInvasions: Having an extra 20 army members in an invasion really helps in close battles.

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Loot and Alchemy Recipes Available from Ambrosia! New Best in Game Helmet!

May 17, 2011 4 comments

With the release of the Fire II realm CA  has released the new monster Ambrosia. This monster battle is pretty tough due to Divine Armor, but it does include a new Best in Game helmet via Alchemy.

Here is the loot available for Ambrosia, plus the new alchemy specific to this monster:

Epic Chance Drops

Tempest Might

Weapon, 30/32, At the time of this post Tempest Might is the #8 best Attack Weapon and #7 best Defense Weapon in the game!

Empowered Arcane

Magic, 16/22, At the time of this post Empowered Arcane is the #6 best Attack Magic and #6 best Defense Magic in the game!

Arcane Energy

Alchemy, Ingredient to the Helm of Arcane Energies. Don’t accidentally trade this to Kobo!

Crystallized Arcane

Alchemy, Ingredient to the Helm of Arcane Energies. Don’t accidentally trade this to Kobo!

Rare Chance Drops

Arcane Infused Plate

Armor, 20/24, At the time of this post Arcane Infused Plate is the #8 best Attack Armor and #7 best Defense Armor in the game!

Arcane Defender

Shield, 23/20

Hand of the Tempest

Glove, 11/9

Alchemy Recipe: Create Helm of Arcane Energies

This alchemy recipe takes 8 Arcane Energies (Epic Drop) and 10 Crystallized Arcane (Epic Drop) to create the Helm of Arcane Energies. You must be level 180 to perform this alchemy.

Helm of Arcane Energies

Type: Helmet
Attack: 48
Defense: 53
Attack Power: 85.1
Defense Power: 86.6
Divine Power: 120

At the time of this post the Helm of Arcane Energies is the 1st best Attack helmet & 1st best Defense helmet. The 2nd and 3rd best helmets are from Arena II and Arena III, so are no longer available. The number 4 helmet is the Crown of Flames (alchemy from Gehenna loot) is way behind this helm with an Attack Power of 55.4 and Defense Power of 55.1.

Now add the fact this helmet also has a Divine Power of 120 it is a must have for higher level players.

If you are a high enough level the Helm of Arcane Energies and other loot drops are definitely worth trying for. However due to my lack of Divine Power items I won’t be farming these too much. Instead I’ll focus on easier to get monsters and loot.

Info for this post came from the following sources:

  • My experience in the game.
  • Info from great Army members.
  • CA Wiki
  • CA Forum
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New Monster: Ambrosia!

May 17, 2011 3 comments

At the end of the new realm Land of Fire II the special mission has a chance drop for Orb of Ambrosia. This orb can be used to summon the monster battle for Ambrosia!

Here is what little info I have on this monster battle (from army members, the CA Wiki entry, and the CA Forum thread):

  • Must be level 100 to summon.
  • This monster falls in the Level 121-299 range.
  • She has about 640 million health, the same as Aurora
  • She has Divine Armor. With an apparent 45% block of damage and 220 DP to completely overcome. This is by far the hardest to battle without Divine Items. For this reason I think she should have been placed in the level 300+ summon range.
  • This battle utilizes a Dark Rage Meter. 200 stamina will fill this meter for 60 minutes. While the meter is full you will get +40 Divine Power.
  • This battle utilizes monster classes.
  • There are 10 sieges to launch, which take away half of her life.

There is also a new achievement for this monster. By killing 5 of these with at least 1 million damage (combined attack and defense) you will get 5 favor points! I really think on these super-big monsters they need to raise the minimal damage for achievement!

Here is my post about her loot and the new Best in Game Helmet that can be created via alchemy from this battle.

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New Quest Realm: Fire II

May 17, 2011 2 comments

The CA devs have released a new Quest Realm: Land of Fire II. This realm can only be unlocked after completing the Land of Mist III, including the special mission where you get the orb for the Aurora battle. Along side this there is a new boss fight released: Ambrosia.

The CA Wikia doesn’t have a page up yet, but when it does it should be here. Since I am nowhere near being able to unlock this realm I’ll use this CA forum thread as reference.

From the Forum I can see there are 10 main quests, with 3 subquests each (for SP and Gold farming). There is also a special mission at the end which drops the Orb of Ambrosia. The orb is used to summon the monster battle Ambrosia.

There are no new units released with this Realm, however you will need more Obsidian Gear and Platinum Knights. Here is a list showing the unit/equipment requirements for this new realm:

  • 80 Obsidian Armor (Previously 77)
  • 78 Obsidian Amulet (Previously 75)
  • 75 Obsidian Shield (Previously 74)
  • 75 Obsidian Sword (Previously 73)
  • 66 Obsidian Helmet (Previously 65)
  • 45 Platinum Knight (Previously 43)

It’s not a great leap of gear over the previous realm. However at that level the Obsidian gear is still very expensive!!

If I get more worthy info I’ll post it on the blog, but otherwise have fun looking at a realm most of us are nowhere near to opening! The Ambrosia battle will have her own post here.

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New FP General: Meekah!

May 17, 2011 2 comments

It’s time again for a new monthly guild FP General. This time its the Judicator Meekah! The previous FP general released was the dark ritualist Shivak! Not sure of the level requirement to see her in the CA interface, but you can always use the direct link if you really want her. Here is the lore on Meekah:

After the fall of Azriel, the Angelic Conclave had to work fast to rebuild the Ivory City. The conclaves first order was to create a group of judicators led by Meekah who would be responsible for punishing the evil.

Meekah can be purchased for 30 FP’s. There are three items for her that can be purchased for 25 FP each. Technically Meekah was discovered about a month ago by someone on the CA forum, but I waited until her official launch to do a post. Here is the info I have on her so far:


Abilities: Increase Confidence Damage by +X.

Level 1: 19/18   Increase Confidence Damage by +10.
Level 2: 20/19   Increase Confidence Damage by +20.
Level 3: 21/20   Increase Confidence Damage by +30.
Level 4: 22/21   Increase Confidence Damage by +40.
Level 4 + 3 items: 24/23,  Increase Confidence Damage by +40

L4 ATT PWR: 36.7
L4 DEF PWR: 36.4

L4 SET ATT PWR: 40.1
L4 SET DEF PWR: 39.8

Judicators Wrath, weapon, 20/18, +1 Attack to Meekah (not stackable)

Lore: The Judicators Wrath is the standard issue weapon for the conclaves new personal army. Any impure being that is wounded by the weapon will have their strength instantly sapped leaving them to the mercy of the judicator.

Judicators Will, shield, 14/18, +2 Defense to Meekah (not stackable)

Lore: The Judicators Will is a powerful aegis that is able to deflect even the most powerful of magics. Its defensive capabilities are so great that it is rumored the shield protects its bearer on its own will.

Conclave Armor, armor, 16/19, +1 Attack to Meekah (not stackable)

Lore: Conclave Armor is heavy plate mail that has been imbued with powerful angelic blessings and runes. Lesser evils cannot even withstand the powerful aura the armor gives off.

This general is focused towards guild wars. Her ability will help the warrior class get extra damage using the Confidence ability. Confidence can be purchased in the Guild Shop for 5000 Guild Coins. Here is the CA Wiki info for confidence:

Confidence increases warriors’ damage for every victory. 

The first attack gains +10 additional damage, the second nets +20 and so on until +50 damage on the 5th attack. When the bonus cap of +50 damage is reached, the skill becomes passive and the damage bonus will be applied throughout the battle even if the skill is unequipped. Be careful as the damage bonus will reset if you lose on the offensive before you reach your 5th win. General Meekah can increase the damage bonus of Confidence.

  • Level 1: +10 damage for each consecutive victory (capped at +50 damage after 5 attacks).

This skill can be bought at the Guild Shop. This skill can only be equipped if you are a Warrior class.

So if I’m reading this right a warrior can do an additional 90 damage after 5 attacks in guild battles while Meekah is equipped. I don’t play a warrior class myself, but I have an army member who does and he is happy to get this general.

Power wise this general is following the trend of slightly stronger generals each new FP release. So, if you need a good general for your war council and don’t have epic chest generals she may be worth it.

This general adds nothing to my war council and I will never use the ability so I will likely give this one a pass.

Info for this post came from army members, this CA Forum thread. and the CA Wikia entry for Meekah.

*** On a side note… I am assuming Meekah is a female general, the lore doesn’t actually state this. My reasoning:

  1. I think Meekah is a girl’s name (could be wrong).
  2. Meekah’s face is either that of a woman or an effeminate man.
  3. The breastplate of the armor looks possibly womanly.
But maybe its just the CA version of Pat.
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