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Divine Items required on new Monsters

I just had someone as ask a good question: “Why does it show Magmos is preventing some of my damage?”.  The answer for this is because the newer monsters are now equipped with Divine Armor (I think Jahanna was the first). This Divine Armor will reduce the damage taken for the monster by a certain percentage. For Magmos the damage is reduced by 40%!!!

The current monsters that have Divine Armor are:

  • Jahanna: 10% resistance
  • Aurora: 40% resistance
  • Glacius: 30% resistance
  • Magmost: 40% resistance

To combat the Divine Armor you must get Divine Items. You can see if you have any Divine Items by going into your keep. They will show up just under your battle stats and look similar to this:

Each divine item will have a rating. When you mouse-over a divine item it will show the Divine Power rating. For my items shown above they each have a Divine Power rating of 10.

The ‘gotcha’ here is that you can only have 1 item per item slot. CA will automatically choose your best Divine Items just like it does your regular items during battle (it won’t show what divine items you have equipped, but doing the math it has been confirmed to work ‘behind the scenes). The seven item types for monster battles are:

  • Weapon
  • Off-hand
  • Helmet
  • Armor
  • Amulet
  • Spell
  • Glove

At the time of this post I don’t think there are any Divine Items of type helmet or glove. The Divine Power of all your equipped Divine Items will add up to become your Effective Divine Power (EDP). The higher your EDP is, the more the monsters Divine Armor will be reduced (it will block less damage).

Now going back to my items above. I have two Divine Items of type Armor. Due to that CA will only choose 1 of them. Since they both have a Divine Power rating of 10 it really doesn’t matter which.

The other two items I have are amulets. That means of the 4 Divine Items I own only 2 will be used in my Effective Divine Power (EDP) rating; which is equal to 20 (10 for the armor and 10 for the amulet).

There are some Divine items available for other item types. For the possible Divine Items available see the CA Wikia post on Divine Items.

It’s also worth noting that monsters with a Dark Rage meter will increase your EDP by 40% when full.

If you get your EDP to a certain rating you will completely pierce through the monsters Divine Armor. For Magmos that would require an EDP of 180. My 20 EDP falls well short of that!!

I’m guessing Divine Armor will be the new norm on forthcoming higher end monsters. Of the 4 new giants, the two bigger ones have divine armor.

Info from this post came from the following sources:

  • My experience.
  • Great army members sharing information.
  • CA Wikia entry on Divine Items.
  • Various CA Forum threads on Divine Items
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