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Tempest Plate missing – known issue

March 30, 2011 1 comment

I’ve had a couple of army members mention their Tempest Plate was missing. This is a Known Issue listed by Kori on the CA Forum in Tech Support. Here is the part of Known Issues announcement dealing with this:

Tempest Plate missing – 3/17/2011
Some users are missing Tempest Plate when they obtain one of the newly added Demi reward item.
Please let Support know and they can replace the missing item for you.

The Tempest Plate will show up in your keep in the “Divine Items” section (pictured above). To get the Tempest Plate you must have 6500 demi-points from Ambrosia. If you’re not sure why you need to collect demi-points see this old post.

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Golden Egg Favor Point Promotion Returns!

March 27, 2011 4 comments

Last October the CA devs did a Golden Egg Favor Point Promotion. Well, it has returned! It appears to work exactly like it did then. Here are the rules when you click the red question mark on the CA home:


Golden Egg Gift Hunt
Collect Eggs For Favor Points!

Your Golden Egg Counter increments as you collect eggs from your friends. You can collect a max of 1 egg per friend.

Collecting Rewards:

The TIME LEFT display above the egg bar shows how much time you have left to collect eggs. Once the time left reaches zero, you can no longer collect eggs, but you can collect your reward.

You can collect only ONCE, so make sure that you have collected as many eggs as you can before you collect! When you collect, you will get a favor point reward based on how many eggs have been collected!

Reward Chart:

5 Eggs –  1 Favor Point!
10 Eggs –  5 Favor Points!
25 Eggs –  10 Favor Points!
50 Eggs –  20 Favor Points!
100 Eggs –  30 Favor Points!


Just as before the rules seem pretty self-explanatory. These eggs cannot be traded to the goblin. Also note that you can only send one egg to each friend. The best thing to do is keep track of who you send it to so you don’t waste gifts. Getting more than one egg from an army member will not raise the egg count! Also, do not collect until you are sure you have all the eggs you will get, or have 100.

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Loot available from Aurora Monster, New best in game weapon!

March 27, 2011 2 comments

With the new Aurora monster battle released there is new loot and a new alchemy item. There is only Epic and Rare drops, no Legendary or Summoner drops. Here is the loot available:

Epic Chance Drops:

Staff of the Lifeless

Weapon, 25/20, Ingredient to create Heart of the Woods

Plate of the Wild

Armor, 23/30, 2nd best defensive armor and 3rd best attack armor in-game.

Defender of the Wild

Shield, 24/26, 7th best attack off-hand and 6th best defense off-hand.

Rune of Life

Alchemy, Ingredient to create Heart of the Woods

Rare Chance Drops:

Lifedrop Pendant

Amulet, 20/25

Hand of Life

Glove, 10/10, 10th best attack gloves

Natures Sunder

Magic, 18/18, tied for 6th best attack magic and 5th best defense magic (same stats as Necronic Blast from the Annihilator Chest)

Lifegiver Helm

Helmet, 13/17

I like this loot drop. It’s not the most powerful. But there is enough to farm here while getting the Aurora achievement and Runes of Life to strengthen your army. The Runes of Life are used for the new alchemy item below.

New Alchemy Item: Heart of the Woods!!!

Two items from the Aurora loot can be combined to create the new Best in Game weapon: Heart of the Woods. It actually takes 18 Runes of Life and 1 Staff of the Lifeless. Here are the stats for this item:

Type: Weaoib
Attack: 30
Defense: 44
Attack Power: 60.8
Defense Power: 65

This is definitely an item worth trying for!! While going for the 18 Runes of Life required you should get your Aurora Achievement (5 FPs) and get some good farm-able loot (not great, but good).

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New Monster: Aurora!

March 27, 2011 4 comments

At the end of the new realm Land of Mist III the special mission has a chance drop for Orb of Aurora. This orb can be used to summon the monster battle for Aurora!

Here is what little info I have on this monster battle (from army members, CA Wiki entry, and CA Forum thread):

  • Must be level 100 to summon.
  • This monster falls in the Level 121-299 range.
  • 168 hours to defeat Aurora before she flees.
  • She has about 640 million health.
  • This battle utilizes a Dark Rage Meter. It appears to work on the same basis as the Rage Meter released with Gehenna.
  • This battle utilizes monster classes.
  • There are 10 sieges to launch, which take away half of her life.

There is also a new achievement for this monster. By killing 5 of these with at least 1 million damage (combined attack and defense) you will get 5 favor points!

As I learn more I will do more posts. Here is a post looking at her loot and the new best in game weapon created via alchemy.

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New Quest Realm: Land of Mist III

March 27, 2011 2 comments

On March 24th the CA devs released a new quest realm: Land of Mist III. To unlock this realm the special mission “The Source” must be completed in Mist II (the previous realm).

Here is the blurb posted by Vulcan with its release:

Your journey through the Land of Mist continues. There is a dark presence that lingers within you but you have little time to worry about that as you continue to track down the source of the scourge. Fight through the Land of Mist and confront a powerful foe.

The CA Wiki has a page for Mist III out there already. Here are some highlights of this realm:

  • There are 10 main quests
  • Each main quest has 3 sub-quests (sp farming!)
  • This realm does require more obsidian gear and platinum knights. But it does not seem a steep increase in requirements, on person on the forum said it took less than 100billion gold.
  • The quests are completing with much less energy than the last few realms.

The special mission at the end has a chance drop for the Orb of Aurora. It has stats of 0/0. However it allows to summon the new boss Aurora (separate post here).

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New FP General: Aethyx!

March 27, 2011 2 comments

It’s time again for a new FP General. This time its the elven rogue Aethyx! The previous FP general released was chaos mage, Tyxeros! I don’t see a level limit to purchase him. I’m a bit behind on blogging, he was released on the 24th. Here is the blurb on him:

Aethyx is an elven rogue that stalks his enemies from the shadows. His clan, the Nalzir, are known for creating poisons that are as complex as they are deadly.

Aethyx can be purchased for 30 FP’s. There are three items for him that can be purchased for 25 FP each. Here is the info I have on him so far:


Abilities: Increases Effectiveness of Poison in Guild Battles

Level 1: 21/15   +5 poison damage
Level 2: 22/16   +5 poison damage and +1 duration
Level 3: 23/17   +10 poison damage and +1 duration
Level 4: 24/18   +10 poison damage and +2 duration
Level 4 + 3 items: 26/20, +10 poison damage and +2 duration

L4 ATT PWR: 36.6
L4 DEF PWR: 34.8

L4 SET DEF PWR: 38.2

Inoculator, weapon, 21/17, +1 Attack to Aethyx (not stackable)

Lore: The Inoculator is a specialized weapon created by the Nalzir for the purposes of efficiently delivering deadly poisons into their adversaries.

Robe of the Fang, armor, 20/15, +1 Attack to Aethyx (not stackable)

Lore: Aethyx wears a special robe crafted to protect himself from the very poisons he relies on in battle. The robe is weaved from the fur of a rare chimera that slows and reduces the effectiveness of poisons, even those created by the Nalzir.

Poisons Touch, glove, 11/9, +1 Attack to Aethyx (not stackable)

Lore: As a last resort, Aethyx can rely on his Poisons Touch gauntlet to deliver a small but highly effective and debilitating poison to anyone in tough spot.

This another general definitely geared towards guilds. The CA forum  has a good  thread about him and a debate whether poison is worth it. First is poison worth the 5k guild coins and then is this general worth 30 FP? Not sure for me I can say yes to either one.

I probably won’t get this one because there are better FP generals that I don’t have. But if you do use the poison ability this general definitely looks worth getting.

Info for this post came from army members, the wiki entry, and the CA forum.

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With the Guild updates the CA devs have fixed (broken) Darius

March 24, 2011 1 comment

I noticed a couple of days ago that Darius didn’t give me a discount buying obsidian items. I thought maybe it was a bug or maybe I didn’t have him equipped (I change generals often and quickly). But today I noticed this thread on the CA forum mentioning the same thing. To further confirm this I just bought some cheap gear with a normal general, then with Darius and Garlan. Sure enough discounts no longer apply to equipment or magic (but does still work with soldiers).

I then went to the CA Wikia page for Darius. There I noticed on March 18, 2011, Barry-N made the following note for Darius:

  • Darius’ special ability no longer applies to hiring generals, buying equipment and buying magic, it is now soldier exclusive.
    • To obtain discounts from buying items, players must now hoist the Guild Platinum Standard won from the Festival Guild Battles.

This makes sense. Getting an equipment discount is incentive to go after the Guild Platinum Standard. By having Darius give a 10% discount it takes away some of that incentive.

Technically from the hero description Darius and the other Soldier Discount Generals should never have given equipment and magic discount. It just appears the devs chose not fix it when there was not any incentive for them to do so. The guild updates have given that incentive to fix the bug. It also means the tip to save gold has been diminished.

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