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New Guild Feature: Guild Monsters!

October 28, 2010 4 comments

Alongside the new Mystery Plate Gift the CA devs have released Guild Monsters! This is a new feature so I don’t have a lot of info, but I’ll post what I’ve found out so far.

The Guild Monster tab is being released with Vincent and Alpha Vincent guild monsters. I will do separate posts on those as I get info.

To see the Guild Monsters go to “Guild” in the CA interface. On the right is a new tab called Guild Monsters. Here there are two sub-tabs: “Monster List” and “Summon Monsters”.

The Monster List shows the current monsters your guild has summoned. If you click “Summon” on this tab it will simply take you to the Summon Monster tab. The Engage next to a monster works just like engage in a regular monster battle.

The Summon Monster currently has two monsters available to summon: Vincent and Alpha Vincent. I will make separate postings on these as I get more info.

It appears there is a limit of 5 monsters which can be summoned at once.

To summon a monster you simply click on “summon” until the bar above the word summon is full. Each click of summon takes 20 energy. It appears guild members can work together on this. I just clicked 9 times on Vincent and it brought me within a click of summoning him (guild already has one, didn’t wanna summon another yet. That puts it at 200 energy needed.

There really isn’t much more to report on this feature. If I get more info I’ll make a new post on it.

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New Gift: Mystery Plate Gift!

October 28, 2010 2 comments

The CA devs have released the new mystery gift: Mystery Plate Gift! The last gift for the Golden Egg Favor Point Promotion has ended as of last night, it is no longer on the list. This still leaves us at 30 active gifts!! This gift has been released along with the new Guild Monster feature and the Vincents. Here is the blurb off the CA wall:

Heavy plate gift for big ol’ Zarevok! Send gifts now!

There are 3 components to this gift. The components are called: Gargoyle Statue, Bull Totem, and Rhino Horn. All three components are “pure alchemy” items, thus they can all be used in the Goblin Emporium. 2 of each component is required to perform alchemy. To combine the shards go to “Alchemy” > “Recipes” and click “Combine”.

Once the components are combined it will create Zarevok Plate!

The Zaverok Plate will show up in your inventory in the town under Blacksmith. It has Attack of 4 and a Defense of 9. It has an attack power of 10.3 and defense power of 11.8. It counts as an item type of Armor.

The Plate is just slightly weaker in attack and defensive power than that of the Commander’s Battle Plate. The Commanders Battle Plate is a reward for reaching Battle Rank 12, Hight Commander. If you do not yet have the Gladiator Plate this gift is worth it to beef up your invasion army; specifically the item attack and defense.

For a bonus this Plate has the following special ability: +3 defense to Zarevok when equipped.

This the second item which can be equipped to Zarevok, the other being the ZMC. The ZMC was originally knows as the “Zarevok Meat Cleaver”, but for some reason its been renamed to Meat Cleaver.  The ZMC is no longer available, it was a reward for getting Hero (Rank 5) in the first Arena.

This gives a fully leveled/equipped Zarevok an attack of 9 and defense of 11, plus +20 attack against monsters. This doesn’t make him a powerful general. But he is still useful for fighting against certain monsters, especially Cronus and Dragons from what I’m told (I never actually use him).

I have made the one Plate for equipping to Zarevok, but this armor falls short of my weakest armor so I don’t need any more. All the other parts I get will be great for Goblin Emporium use!!

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Heroes for Hire! How to purchase previous FP generals

October 23, 2010 10 comments

I just spent my free 30 FP, and did it on a previous monthly general Elora. I really like the artwork on her and she is slightly stronger than my Serene, so thought she would be welcome in my army.

After mentioning this in a CA chat I had someone ask how I purchased a previous monthly general. I’m guessing there are others out there who don’t know they can do this so I’m posting the info here.

All of the “Monthly” FP generals are still available after their time is up, just the CA dev’s don’t post them any more. The only exceptions are: Memmon (Nov 2009) is no longer available, and the generals before Memmon (Licius, Illusia, Vorenus, Lothar, Helena, Marina, and Percival) were moved to the Vanguard Chest. The generals from Dec 2009 and on are all available however.

The key to purchasing an old FP general is knowing the URL. You can either go to the Castle Age Wikia page on this and learn how to create the link. Or go the Castle Age Forum thread containing these links. Just find the general you want and copy/paste the link into a new tab. The second is the method I used.

My only warning: There is no confirmation! If you put that link in a browser tab and go it will purchase that general (provided you have enough FP). There is no confirmation! To confirm the purchase you will have to go to your generals and find it in the list.

My personal recommendations for previous generals:

Scarlett: I love the extra hourly income!!

Barbarus: The 3x power attacks are great! I’ve never been lucky enough to get the Orc King out of the Alpha Chest (or any Epics for that matter).

Adriana: A must have general if you go to War at all! Plus she reminds of Vampirella (yeah, I’m an old comic book geek as well).

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New Guild Battle feature: Auto-Matching

October 22, 2010 3 comments

On the 19th the CA devs released the following message on their wall:

We have introduced some fixes for the guild battles and now we have included auto-matching, which will pair guilds up for the guild battles!

They posted the following in the in-game news:

We have released a package of fixes in regards to the guild battles. We have implemented a couple of fixes to prevent people from inserting links of guilds and refreshing the guild battle list correctly so hopefully there is a greater supply of guild battles for people to participate in.

Additionally, we have introduced auto-matching that will match up guilds who have opted in to the list and pair them up for guild battles.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for these changes.

I think this is great news. It shows they are actively working on making guild battles better than they have been. I wasn’t really worried about the link manipulation some guilds were doing, but I guess its good they are addressing that. The refreshing of the guild page seems to be better news!

The auto-battles seems to be a good addition. But it also caused a lot of confusion. To help with the confusion Kori (the Developer who has been communicating on the forums) has answered some questions on this CA Forum post. Here is a relist of the questions and answers from Kori:

  1. Is it intended to replace the ability to select guilds off a battle list? I hope not, we have a pretty strong guild that has less that 70 members and want to be able to select larger guilds with which to do battle.
    1. We were planning to, but it seems like we see enough feedback to keep both systems to in place. However, due to various guild cheating and what not, we may decide to tie Guild Leaderboard points to Automatched battles only.
  2. Once auto-battle is engaged does it suspend you ability to select offensive battles from the battle list?
    1. No
  3. Is there a limit on the number of auto battles?
    1. Limit 1, for now. Have to make sure server stability is good before we add more.
  4. Is there a limit on the number of auto + offensive battles?
    1. Automatched battles right now are separate from the offensive battles.
  5. Is the new auto battle feature in lieu of a battle page fix; i.e. can we expect to have more success selecting offensive battles from the battle list
    1. Yes, we like this system better
  6. Are the auto-battle opponents “real” guilds or are they “phantom” guilds (much like the phantom opponents in Raids)
    1. All real guilds, no Bots. If you see Guilds with obvious alts, please report them. If the other guild don’t respond, maybe they are AFK?
  7. How long will the feature search for a guild when attempting to auto-match? What happens if an appropriate match is not found?
    1. Right now, it will automatically expand its search parameters as needed. Hence, you may see imbalanced matches if the search can’t find an “appropriate” match.

Since I haven’t actually used the feature yet I don’t have anything else to add. Just thought it was worth getting Kori’s words out there!

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New FP General: Defender Knight, Gawain!

October 22, 2010 1 comment

The CA devs have released the new bi-weekly(ish) FP General: The Defender Knight, Gawain! The previous FP general released was Azul (just 11 days ago). You must be level 150 to purchase him. This general was released the same week as the Golden Egg Favor Promo. Here is the lore on Gawain:

Gawain is a fiercely loyal knight in charge of protecting the Land of Earths royal family. Although Gawain mostly keeps to himself, his loyalty is unmatched and he will put his life on the line to protect those under his watch.

Gawain can be purchased for 30 FP’s. There are three items for him that can be purchased for 25 FP each. Here is the info I have on him so far:


Abilities: 6 Hour Cooldown: Knight Strike
Knight Strike: +10 Attack for your next X actions

Level 1: 15/19   +10 Attack for your next 1 actions
Level 2: 16/20   +10 Attack for your next 2 actions
Level 3: 17/21   +10 Attack for your next 3 actions
Level 4: 18/22   +10 Attack for your next 4 actions
Level 4 + 3 items: 19/24, +3 Stamina when Gawain is equipped, +10 Attack for your next 4 actions

L4 ATT PWR: 33.4
L4 DEF PWR: 34.6

L4 SET ATT PWR: 35.8
L4 SET DEF PWR: 37.3

Emperion Sword, weapon, 16/16, +1 Attack to Gawain (not stackable)

Lore: When King Darius negotiated the truce with the Ironfist Dwarves, the dwarves presented the king with an Emperion Sword as a gift. The blade edge of an Emperion Sword never dulls and is perfectly balanced no matter how the sword is held.

Emperion Plate, armor, 12/16, +2 Defense to Gawain (not stackable)

Lore: Emperion Plate is so hard that it has been know to shatter the blades of swords and axes upon striking the armor. Additionally, the Ironfist Dwarves embedded magical gems onto the armor to provide protection against magics.

Emperion Helm, glove, 12/10, +3 Stamina when Gawain is equipped (not stackable)

Lore: The long flowing mane of the Emperion Helm signifies that Gawain has entered the battlefield. It is a good warning for enemies to flee as fast as their legs can take them.

I really like the artwork on this general. Stat-wise this general falls right around the same power level as the rest of the FP generals that have been released lately.

His ability Knight Strike is interesting. When using him fully leveled you will get +10 attack on your next 4 actions. The ability has a 6 hour cooldown. For those unfamiliar with cooldowns: this means you have to wait that amount of time before the ability will become active again. You do NOT have to keep the general equipped during the cooldown period. You only need equip him to activate the ability!

I’ll probably get this one because I like the artwork and I can always use a new general. But honestly, I will likely never use him after he is fully leveled.

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Golden Egg Favor Point Promotion

October 22, 2010 3 comments

This news is a few days old, but what can I say work comes before CA. On the 18th the CA devs released a new gift: The Golden Egg Gift! Here is the blurb off the CA wall:

New promotion dragon egg promotion! Collect more dragon eggs for bigger rewards! The promotion will end next Wednesday, October 27th at 10PM PST
so make sure to collect as many eggs as possible before then!

Here are the rules listed when you click the red question mark on promotion bar in the CA interface:

Golden Egg Gift Hunt
Collect Eggs For Favor Points!

Your Golden Egg Counter increments as you collect eggs from your friends. You can collect a max of 1 egg per friend.

Collecting Rewards:
The TIME LEFT display above the egg bar shows how much time you have left to collect eggs. Once the time left reaches zero, you can no longer collect eggs, but you can collect your reward.

You can collect only ONCE, so make sure that you have collected as many eggs as you can before you collect! When you collect, you will get a favor point reward based on how many eggs have been collected!

Reward Chart:
5 Eggs –  1 Favor Point!
10 Eggs –  5 Favor Points!
25 Eggs –  10 Favor Points!
50 Eggs –  20 Favor Points!
100 Eggs –  30 Favor Points!

I think the rules are pretty self explanatory. Only thing I would add is that the egg are NOT trade-able in the Goblin Emporium!!

I’ve heard army members able to get the reward multiple times, and seen threads like this and this on the CA forum. I wouldn’t try to see if the glitch affects you until you have 100 eggs, or as many as you think you’ll get. I’ve seen it said certain browsers can bring the glitch out, but I cannot attest to that.

For more info on the Eggs I would check the forum.

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New FP General: Azul!

October 11, 2010 2 comments

The CA devs have released the new bi-weekly(ish) FP General: The Avenging Angel, Azul! The previous FP general released was Elora. You must be level 140 to purchase him. This general was released the same time as the Great Fiery Gift. Here is the lore on Azul:

As a warrior angel, Azul is a shining beacon of destructive justice. Dispatched by the forces of Heaven to bring down Xira and her cohorts, he knows he can not rest until his mission is accomplished.

Azul can be purchased for 30 FP’s. There are three items for him that can be purchased for 25 FP each. Here is the info I have on him so far:


Abilities: Player Attack and Defense +X

Level 1: 17/17   Player Attack and Defense +2
Level 2: 18/18   Player Attack and Defense +3
Level 3: 19/19   Player Attack and Defense +4
Level 4: 20/20   Player Attack and Defense +5
Level 4 + 3 items: 21/22, Player Attack and Defense +5, +1% critical chance

L4 ATT PWR: 34
L4 DEF PWR: 34

L4 SET ATT PWR: 36.4
L4 SET DEF PWR: 36.7

Atonement, weapon, 14/18, +1 Attack to Azul (not stackable)

Lore: A sword imbued by heaven’s light. Atonement carries the will of its owner. The wielder is granted heavenly strength as a result.

Absolution, shield, 13/1, +2 Defense to Azul (not stackable)

Lore: Absolution is known throughout the Kingdom of Heaven as the shield that once fought back a mighty demon. Its mere presence pressures its enemies to step back.

Hand of Justice, glove, 8/8, +1% critical chance when Azul is equipped (not stackable)

Lore: The Hand of Justice amplifies the force of each swing. Azul has been given this gauntlet for his particular task.

As with most of the FP generals lately he really isn’t all that powerful. I’ll probably once again pass on this general and try my chances on a chest (I still don’t have a true epic general).

Is it just me or does it seem the FP generals are becoming less and less worthy?? At a later date I will probably come back for Azul, just because I like to have a complete set of pictures in my keep! Plus I hope to eventually have Malekus, then he has more worth! But if you have very little FP to spend it may make sense to buy generals like this, the chests are complete random, with no guarantee of getting a general (good or bad).

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