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Arena II started, initial thoughts

July 28, 2010 8 comments

I’m sure everyone has noticed by now that Arena II has started. My initial thoughts (in no particular order):

  • I love the fact that tokens are being used. Last time it was a pain with stamina, meant no monster battling for a while.
  • I’ve heard some army members say they have been attacked in the arena when in hiding. Apparently this time they really are healing people up as they say. (doesn’t affect me, I heal up so I can get the defensive wins.)
  • They changed the rewards. The Apha Ragnarok has been removed and a new helm put in the mix.
  • The ‘reinforcements’ features seems to be just another way to get people to expand their army. The devs are hoping this will bring new people to CA, but realistically it will just cause people to expand their army more using add-me groups.
  • The amount of tokens you can have at once has gone up. It was at 100 for me, now its at 150.
  • Having a good defensive score rocks!!! Easy arena points!

Busy day so I don’t have time to post any actual tips today. I’ll post something tomorrow.

On an unrelated side-note.. I just got Celesta’s Devotion from the Goblin.. It does exist!!!!!!!!!

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Arena II starts tomorrow!

July 27, 2010 1 comment

Earlier today CA announced that Arena II starts tomorrow. I thought we would have another week to wait, since it was just a few days ago they made the initial announcement. Here is today’s announcement:

Arena Season II: Vanguard will start tomorrow, Wednesday, July 28th at 12 noon PDT (18:00 GMT). Sign-up begins now!

I won’t go into how Arena I worked, if you want the basic rules and rewards from that you find them at the CA Wiki.

This Arena will last for three weeks, starting July 28 and ending August 17. To enter the Arena all you have to do is go to the Battle tab and click Arena. There you will be given a disclaimer saying that once you enter you are committed, and will periodically be healed to put in battles. Simply click Accept to join the Arena. The message confirming you are entered is:

You have now been entered into the Arena!

To see the rules click on the red question mark. Here is a reprint of the rules:

– To participate in Arena, each Duel will require the use of Arena Tokens. You will be granted an Arena Token every 10 minutes. Additionally, you can win Arena Tokens from Battles, War, and battling
Alpha Mephistopheles, Red Plains, Azriel, Alpha Bahamut, or Bahamut for a chance to receive more Arena Tokens.
– Each Battle requires 10 Arena Tokens
– Win War Duels on the Arena Page to earn Arena Points
– Your character will be automatically healed periodically and summoned forth into battles, even if you are not logged on
– Your rank is based on the number of Arena Points relative to all other Arena participants
– The higher your Opponent’s Rank relative to yours, the more Arena Points you receive for winning
– Opponents of lower rank will yield fewer Arena Points per win and also result in more Arena Points lost per loss
– At the end of each day, you will be awarded a rank relative to all Arena participants
– Your current rank at the end of the Arena season will determine your final rank and your rewards
– You will receive rewards for your rank as well as all ranks below it
– Minimum level to opt into the arena is level 80
– Add Reinforcements for additional bonuses in Arena. Each Reinforcement bonus will last for 5 days.

Rank 1 – Brawler (Top 81% – 100%)
Rank 2 – Swordsman (Top 61% – 80%)
Rank 3 – Warrior (Top 41% – 60%)
Rank 4 – Gladiator (Top 16% – 40%)
Rank 5 – Hero (Top 6% – 15%)
Rank 6 – Vanguard (Top 3% – 5%)
Rank 7 – Alpha Vanguard (Top 0% – 2%)

My initial thoughts of this are there will be LOT of NG monster battles the next few weeks. Everyone will be trying to get extra tokens. Also there will be a LOT of people adding new friends if I’m reading the reinforcements part correctly.

There are seven ranks total, each with its own reward. I notice the top two ranks each have a unit as their reward, not sure its worth it to get rank 7 for another unit. Later I will look at the rewards and see how they compare to what is already available. Previously a complaint that anyone with major stamina and Favor Points (cc players) could rule the game… This time I think the complaint will be that high level monster hunters and FP players (again cc players) will rule the game.

I will post more as I get more info.

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Just Announced: Arena Season II… Coming Soon!!!!!!

July 23, 2010 2 comments

This just in from the Castle Age news feed:

It’s about that time again. Arena Season 2! Coming Soon! Stay tuned for more details…

All I can say is: ROCK ON!!!

Glancing at the announcement pic you can see what are probably 3 generals. The middle one is the latest FP general Suri. On the left appears to be a new female general. On the right is some sort of black knight type general.

I finished the first Arena well enough to get my ZMC… But this time I want to end on top and have worked on my character build ever since!!

Here is the CA forum thread opened up for this announcement.

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New Gift: Cid Saber Shard!

July 22, 2010 3 comments

Right on the heels of the new FP general Suri we have a new mystery gift: Cid Saber Shard! This mystery gift does not appear to knock any other gifts off the list since the previous gift is still around (the Bloodblade Shard). Here is what info I have on this gift:

There are 6 components to this gift, each called Cid Saber Shards. All six shards are “pure alchemy” items, thus they can all be used in the Goblin Emporium. Only 1 of each component is required to perform alchemy. To combine the shards go to “Alchemy” > “Recipes” and click “Combine”.

Once combined you will create Cid’s Saber!

The blade will show up in your inventory in the town under Blacksmith. Cid’s Saber is a weapon with an Attack of 6 and a Defense of 5. As with the Bloodlbade, Cid’s Saber has slightly more power than the Gladiator Sword, but weaker than the Ornate Axe. See my previous poston how the Ornate Axe makes mystery gift weapons irrelevant for invasions.

For its special ability the Saber equips to Cid and adds +2 to his attack. This gives a fully leveled Cid with the Saber an attack of 7 and a defense of 6. Its an improvement on him, but nowhere near what I get from Scarlett in attack or defense. Plus Scarlett also gives greater income.

I have made the one saber for equipping to Cid, but all the other shards I get will be great for Goblin Emporium use!!

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New FP General: Suri! The Elven Princess!

July 21, 2010 2 comments

I guess another two weeks has passed, the CA devs have released thier new bi-weekly general! This one is named Suri, the Elven Princess! You must be level 130 to purchase this general. Here is the lore for Suri:

Suri’s origins are a mystery. Suri was left as a baby upon the footsteps of the Silver Light Kingdom where she was raised as one of Elizabeth Lione’s own. Elizabeth noticed Suris aura and power were very similar to that of the Demigod, Ambrosia.

Suri can be purchased for 30 FP’s. There are three items for her that can be purchased for 25 FP each. Here is the info I have on her so far:


Ability – +Defense to player for Every Hero Owned

Level 1: 18/16   +.05 Player Defense per general owned when equipped
Level 2: 19/17   +.1 Player Defense per general owned when equipped
Level 3: 20/18   +.15 Player Defense per general owned when equipped
Level 4: 21/19   +.2 Player Defense per general owned when equipped
Level 4 + 3 items: 23/21, +.2 Player Defense per general owned when equipped, +2 Stamina when Suri is equipped

Windthorn Wand, weapon, 16/14, +2 Attack to Suri (not stackable)

Lore: The Windthorn Wand was a gift to Suri from Elizabeth Lione. It is said to be crafted from the feathers of ancient griffins, which can only be retreived by the most courageous of adventurers.

Gilded Tiara, helmet, 10/10, ++2 Defense to Suri (not stackable)

Lore: A Gilded Tiara is a sign of Silver Light royalty. Its posession commands the highest respect from all the Elven clans around Valeria.

Sunstone Crest, magic, 11/10, +2 Stamina when Suri is equipped (not stackable)

Lore: The Sunstone Crest was found alongside Suri in the abandoned cot. The Elven Sages were unable to dicipher its purpose or power but it resonates with Suris aura alone and it could be a clue to her birthright.

As many on the CA forum have pointed out this is basically a character the opposite of Kaylen. Some other good tidbits from the forums:

  • At 69 generals, she’s equal to Celesta (for Duel Defense)
  • She equals Dante for fortifying.
  • Suri might be Ambrosia’s illegitimate daughter?
  • She’s hot!

I personally don’t see anything about her that makes me think “I need this general in my army”. If I had Malekus I would probably get her, but I don’t. She would maybe make a fair enough general for a war council if you don’t have a few better generals. Its possible I’ll change my mind and buy her for my invasion army, but I doubt it. I’ll probably spend my favor points on getting more Battle Points!

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Don’t waste gold!

July 21, 2010 1 comment

Updated 3-24-11: Due to changes with Darius you can no longer use him to save on equipment and magic. See this post for details.

As CA progresses more and more gold is required! If your going a PvP route you need to equip your army with the latest battle reward… If your doing the latest quests you need tons of Obsidian Gear and the new units. It seems no matter how high your income is it just isn’t enough at times. To alleviate some of the stress you can use generals and proper purchasing methods to save some money.

Currently I am equipping my invasion army with Royal Seals. With an attack/defense of 5/5 I want to make this my weakest magic item. These items have $700,000 ‘incremental cost”, meaning for every item I buy the purchase price goes up. The key here is to buy mutliple of an item at a time. In this case they allow the purchase of 5 Royal Seals at a time, all 5 locked in at the current price. Here is the math showing the difference between buying 5 at a time versus 5 one at a time (I currently have 66 Royal Seals writing this):

Purchasing 5 Royal Seals, 1 at a time

$53,200,000 + ($53,200,000 + $700,000) + ($53,200,000 + (2 * $700,000)) + ($53,200,000 + (3 * $700,000)) + ($53,200,000 + (4 * $700,000)) = $273,000,000

Purchasing 5 Royal Seals all at once

$53,200,000 * 5 = $266,000,000

Amount saved purchasing in bulk

$273,000,000 – $266,000,000 = $7,000,000

As you can see I would save $7 million by purchasing my next 5 Royal Seals at the same time. But I don’t make that purchase, instead I make my discount even greater by using a general. When fully leveled Darius will give a 10% discount on purchases in the town. The description for Darius says the discount is for purchasing soldiers, but it also works in the Blacksmith and Magic parts of town! If you do not have Darius you can use a fully leveled Garlan instead for a 6% discount.

Here is the math showing my purchase of 5 Royal Seals using Darius:

Purchasing 5 Royal Seals all at once with Darius equipped

$53,200,000 * 5 * .9 = $239,400,000

Amount saved purchasing in bulk with Darius equipped

$273,000,000 – $239,400,000$33,600,000

By buying 5 Royal Seals with Darius equipped I saved $33,600,000, which is just over 60% of the current unit cost. As items get more and more expensive these savings can help out a lot. This is especially true for the Kingdom of Heaven and Ivory City quests, the items required there have crazy prices!

Here is the final purchase I made just to show the math on this was good:

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Can you say glitch???

July 20, 2010 4 comments

If you go to the Home screen in CA you will see a note that links to the following message:

Monster Issue – Not Really Disappearing

July 20, 2010 by Vulcan

There have been reports that when people attack or try to access their monsters from the monster list, they are presented with the screen that indicates the monster does not exist.

If this happens, please try going back to the monster list and accessing the monster again. Your monster progress has NOT disappeared.

We are looking into the issue and will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

I think this is an understatement! The first monster glitch I noticed was going into a Genesis in my monster list and it brought me to my own dead Ragnarok. Looking at the CA Forum thread on this there appears to be different symptoms. People experiencing problems like mine, or they click into a monster and says you must be friends, or they click attack and they get put in another screen, etc. Basically everything monster related is down!!!!

Some have said direct attack links work, but I haven’t verified this.

Now looking at other threads on the forum and some have had other glitches. Some have been able to collect loot on a monster multiple times (that would rock). It appears the latest monster glitch was ‘fixed’ just before this new round of monster glitches.

I’ve also heard of stamina glitches tonight. Some are using stamina, but they get it right back (such as doing a hit with Barbarus and getting the 20 stamina back). Some have had their stamina reduced to zero suddenly.

Basically CA is effed up. Personally I’m hoping for a money glitch like they had some months ago (got billions outa that). I could really use the money now that I reached Duke (these royal seals won’t pay for themself). Also need to finish buying the gear needed for the Ivory City!

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