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This item is “not stackable”

June 28, 2010 2 comments

I just had someone ask me an excellent question: “What does ‘not stackable’ mean?”. This is in reference to the items which can be purchased and equipped on the bi-weekly FP generals.

The answer I have is: An item which states it is non-stackable means the general can equip only 1 of the item. No matter how many of the item you own, the general can only use 1 and thus can only get the bonus once.

These items do ‘stack’ on your invasion army. Plus these items cost 25 FP each and their special bonus ability do not apply unless equipped to your active general. With that being said I would never buy more than 1 of the FP items that say ‘not stackable’.

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New best in game Glove: Soul Crusher!

With the release of the War of the Red Plains release there is now a new best-in-game glove: Soul Crusher! To create Soul Crusher you must use alchemy to combine the Death Touch Gauntlets and the Nether Soulstone. Here is the info I have so far:

Soul Crusher:


Attack: 16

Defense: 16

Must be Level 100 to create via alchemy.

Currently the best glove available in Castle Age

Alchemy Ingredients:

Death Touch Gauntlet

Previous best in-game glove

Attack: 12

Defense: 12

This is an epic drop after defeating Lotus Ravenmoore.

The DTG can also drop from the Goblin’s Emporium.

Nether Soulstone

Alchemy item with no attack or defense rating.

This is a legendary drop from the War of the Red Plains.

This item is definitely worth going after. It has increased the best in-game glove a full 4 attack and 4 defense. Expect to see more Lotus battles in your CA feed!

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New FP General: Adriana

June 24, 2010 2 comments

The new bi-weekly favor point (FP) general has been released by the CA Devs. This general is a vampire named Adriana and can be used by players 140 and over. Just like the last two generals to be released, Kataan & Hyperion, she is war orientated. She can be purchased for 30 FP’s. There are three items for her which can be purchased for 25 FP each. Here is the info I have on her so far:

Adriana: Ability – Decrease opponents entire war council attack while equipped. *** Notice this says “while equipped”, simply having Adriana in the War Council will not give the special ability, you must equip her as your active general!

Level 1: 16/18   -1 Def to opponents War Council
Level 2: 17/19
Level 3: 18/20
Level 4: 19/21   -3 Def to opponents War Council
Level 4 + 3 items: 23/21 -3 Def to opponents War Council & +2% critical hits

Lifebane, weapon, 14/16, +2 Attack to Adriana (not stackable)

Death Ward,  armor, 12/14, +2 Attack to Adriana (not stackable)

Skullstone Relic,  amulet, 10/11, +2% crit when Adriana is equipped (not stackable)

She seems worth getting if you plan to enter War a lot. Plus she looks a lot like Vampirella, so that’s a bonus! But, if you get her remember: you only get her special ability if she is equipped as your active general, being in the War Council does not give the special ability.

All information retrieved directly from the Castle Age interface, except the level information which I retrieved from the Castle Age Wikia.

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New Free General: Hyperion

June 24, 2010 2 comments

The new War of the Red Plains battle has brought a new general which can be summoned via alchemy. This general is Hyperion, and he is definitely war oriented. You must be level 100 to summon him via alchemy. The alchemy ingredients can be acquired via 3 epic drops from the War of the Red Plains. These three items are called the Virtuous Gear. After you have summoned Hyperion it is worth farming the Virtuous Gear again because it is equip-able to him. Here is the info I have on Hyperion so far:

Hyperion: Ability – Increase entire war council attack while equipped. *** Notice this says “while equipped”, simply having Hyperion in the War Council will not give the special ability, you must equip him as your active general!

Level 1: 15/15   +1 Att to War Council
Level 2: 16/16   +1 Att to War Council
Level 3: 17/17   +1 Att to War Council
Level 4: 18/18   +2 Att to War Council
Level 4 + 3 items: 19/19 +2 Att to War Council & +1% critical hits

Virtue of Temperance, Glove, 6/14, +1% critical when Hyperion is equipped

Virtue of Justice, Weapon, 25/25, +1 Attack to Hyperion

Virtue of Fortitude, Helmet, 14/32, +1 Defense to Hyperion

This general is defiantly worth getting, especially since he is ‘free’. The only thing to remember is the attack bonus to the War Council only works if he is equipped as your active general!

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New Battle: War of the Red Plains

June 23, 2010 5 comments

With the release of the new Mystery Crest gift CA has released a new battle: War of the Red Plains! Here is what little info I have on this battle so far.

First you must create the Zenarean Crest by combining the Mystery Crest gift items. You must also be level 121 to summon this battle. It will show up in the Monster Summon page. Its rated for levels 121-299 as a monster type World. Once you summon the War of the Red Plains it will consume a Zenarean Crest from your inventory.

Here is the CA blurb on the battle:

“War has broken out between Valeria and Zenarea at the Red Plains! Guide your army to battle and defeat your enemy using Tactics! This strategic element will allow you deal more damage. However, be careful as the enemy forces are strong and able to defeat you as well!”

Basically it looks like a Next Generation version of the Battle of the Dark Legion. There is a health bar which must be strengthened by the warriors. The battle is too new for me to have seen what happens when the phases fail. Here is what the seige launches look like however:

There is also new loot available in this battle. Here is a screen of the loot available (my level is 220 taking this screen shot):

There are also 2 new alchemy recipes created from this battle:

This is all the information I have at this time. As I research the loot and recipes I will likely make new posts.

For more information on this battle see the Castle Age Wikia entry.

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New Gift: Mystery Crest Piece

June 23, 2010 1 comment

Its time! Time for another mystery gift. The new gift in CA is the Mystery Crest Piece. Unlike the last couple gifts, this gift does not knock any other gifts off the list. This means the Mystery Heirloom is still available. The gifts combine to create the Zenarean Crest. Here is the info I have thus far:

The gift has 4 components. These are 4 Crest Shards. To combine the shards go to “Alchemy” > “Recipes” and click “Combine”.

Once combined you will create the Zenarean Crest!

The crest will show up in your inventory in the town under Blacksmith. In invasions it counts as an “Item” with an Attack of 4 and Defense of 7.

Also the crest can be used to summon The War of the Red Plains!

If I get more information I will post it here.

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You can now summon all Dragons you have reached the minimal level for

With the monster tab update you can now summon all monsters that you have reached the minimal level for. Where this really counts is Dragons. Previously you could only summon Dragons if you were within the levels required. This has the side effect of more experienced players only being able to summon Ancient Red Dragons.

To summon a dragon you will need to be gifted one of each Dragon Egg color: Emerald, Frost, Gold and Red. No matter which Dragon you summon it will consume all four eggs.

Here are the minimal level requirements to summon each of the Dragons:

Emerald Dragon: Level 1, you actually receive a “free” Emerald Dragon doing the tutorial.

Frost Dragon: Level 21

Gold Dragon: Level 41

Ancient Red Dragon: Level 41

These creatures may seem ‘old school’ compared to new Next Generation monsters. However, they have the components required to complete the Helm of Dragon Power (HoDP). This item is a MUST have for all players. Also there are 3 achievements for killing Dragons! That is pure free Skill and Favor Points!!!

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