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Max potions

I just had a friend ask me if there is a limit on energy potions. From what I can tell in the forum and wiki it appears the max number of Energy potions is 40. The counter will keep going past 40 when collecting Energy potions. However, the first time you use a potion when over 40 it will give you a warning that you have gone over the limit and put you down to 39 after receiving your energy. This is a pretty bad bug if it still exists. Hopefully the CA devs will fix it.

I have not been able to find a reliable source as to the limit of stamina potions. This could be because they are a bit more rare. I do have someone in my army with 46. He does think he’s used them before while over 40 and not lost extra. If anyone knows of an actual limit on stamina potions please share it!

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How to see your invasion defense

Checking your invasion army and equipment is easy to do in the battle screen. However sometimes you might want to see what your using when defending an invasion. To do this join a Raid and start doing invasions. While in a raid you’ll eventually get to a turn when your opponent attacks first. Look at the units/gear used at that time and you  will know what you use to defend with!

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Mystery Green Gift

May 29, 2010 1 comment

CA released the Mystery Green Gift today. It’t arrival knocks the Mystery Artifact off the list, so hope you created all the Sophia’s Battlegarb that you needed. The Mystery Green Gift give the alchemy ingredients to create Elven Crown. Here is the info I have so far on the crown:

Helmet: 2 attack / 5 defense
+4 defense while Aeris is equipped.

Gift Ingredients to create the helmet:

2x Elf Root
2x Small Emerald
2x Sylvan Leaf

That is all the info I  have at this time.

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New General: Barbarus!

May 26, 2010 2 comments

CA just released the new General for purchase: Barbarus, the War-Faring Chieftain! This has been released for players level 110 and over. For those (like me) who don’t have the Orc King this is a must have general. As usual with the monthly generals there is 3 equipable items. Here is the ATT/DEF stats and abilities on the new general and the 3 items:

Barbarus: 18/15 (base), Increase Power Attacks up to 3x

Deathbellow: 19/9, +2 Attack to Barbarus (not stackable)

Warmonger Shield: 12/10, +2 Attack to Barbarus (not stackable)

Wrathbringer Helm: 12/8, +1% crit when Barbarus is equipped(not stackable)

At base its showing that I can do 2x power attacks. That means my power attacks use twice the stamina, but do twice the damage. This is very important for monsters that cause the energy bar to go down when attacked. Fewer attacks means less energy will be used defending. When fully leveled he will do 3x power attacks.

I still wish I had the Orc King, but until I get lucky on treasure chest Alpha I’ll have to settle with this. Its also worth noting that the base stats of the Orc King has been increased to 19/19 with the release of Barbarus.

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Visit the Oracle every day!!

May 25, 2010 4 comments

Games such as Castle Age rely upon skill points which can be allocated into energy, stamina, attack and defense (thus far health is of little value to most CA players, so I’ll leave that off the list). I’ve heard people say that Castle Age should give away a skill point every day like Mafia Wars does now. Well, they do!!!  They do it by means of “daily blessings” found in the Oracle section. Many CA players do not even realize this until they’ve played the game for a couple of months, and lost out on a LOT of free skill points.

Instead of giving skill points directly, Castle Age allows player to receive a blessing once a day from one of 5 demi-powers. The can be found inside CA by going to “Oracle” then “Demi-Power”. Below is a list of the demi-powers and what they offer.

Ambrosia: +1 max energy
Malekus: +1 max attack
Corvintheus:  +1 max defense
Aurora: +1 max health
Azeron: +1 max stamina

Once you receive blessing from a demi-power you must wait 24 hours before you can receive another blessing. The only exception to this is Azeron, which requires a 48 hour wait. This is because stamina requires 2 skill points, so to keep game balance they require 2 days between blessings. You do not have to receive blessings from the same demi-power each time, instead you can rotate to allocate skill points as you wish.

Receiving the demi-power blessings has other benefits as well: free swag! Every time you receive a blessing you will receive 105 demi-points specific to the demi-power in question (210 for Azeron). As you reach certain thresholds of demi points you will automatically get items and open up demi-quests. The demi-point counter never resets, so when you get an item it will continue to count up until you get the next item.

I will cover the demi-quests in another post. Right now though I will say the items you get from the daily blessings are well worth it. The demi-point rewards have a lot of weapons, favor points, and energy/stamina potions. Even better is the high-end loot. For instance when you reach 4500 Aurora demi-points you will receive the Moonfall Amulet. With stats of 40/40 it is the best amulet available in the game.

If you are new to CA you must not forget to do this every day. The extra points really do add up over time!

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